March / April 2012 Elemental Questions

Hazard analysis: lithium-ion batteries and fire safety; detection in high-challenge warehouses; A conversation with U.S. Fire Administrator Ernest Mitchell, Jr.


A Harder Look At Detection

The Fire Protection Research Foundation begins research to address the lack of guidance available on the use of fire detection technologies in warehouses.

Dangerous By Design

NFPA has formed a new committee project to address the ongoing problem of fire and life safety issues in confined spaces.

Elemental Questions

NFPA is working with government agencies, insurers, and car manufacturers on the safety issues surrounding fires involving lithium-ion batteries.


First Word

Open, Balanced, and Fair


The new U.S. Fire Administrator sees an expanded role for the USFA within FEMA.


In A Flash

A boom in roll-your-own establishments presents a new twist for states and fire officials.


Overloaded power strip starts fatal fire.

Looking Back

The collision of two jumbo jets on the island of Tenerife kills 583 people.

Membership: The Sections

Spotlight on Wildland Fire Management



Quantifying the hazards of new energy-saving technologies.

Structural Ops

Determining what works best when responding to high-rise fires.


Some fire alarm and sprinkler system requirements may surprise designers.

Electrical Safety

NFPA launches two new certifications to support NFPA 70E.

Heads Up

Third-party administration of enforcement programs.

In Compliance

Some small industrial buildings can have a single exit.


NFPA and LEGOLAND Florida form a fire prevention and safety partnership.

Wildfire Watch

In the wildfire world, simple questions often produce complex answers.