November / December 2012 A Night to Remember

Cocoanut Grove Coalition forms on the 70th anniversary of the imfamous club fire; an update of the fire and life safety risks associated with green buildings; and the 2011 Large-Loss Fires and Firefighter Injuries.


Sprinkler Retrofit 101

Randy Safer, NFPA's southern regional director, on retrofitting his home with fire sprinklers.

Past + Present

On the 70th anniversary of the Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire, NFPA forms a new coalition to gather stories and other materials from the blaze that killed 492 people.

Easy Being Green

An update of the fire and life safety risks associated with green buildings, from construction materials to ancillary systems like photovoltaic arrays.

Pressure Points

A dispatch from the ongoing debate surrounding series fire pumps, among other provisions, in the 2013 edition of NFPA 20.

2011 Firefighter Injuries

The number of firefighter injuries last year was the fewest since NFPA data analyses began more than 30 years ago.


First Word

The Wildfire Imperative


Scott Somers, vice-mayor of Mesa, Arizona, on implementing sprinkler projects to boost the local economy.


In a Flash

A fire in a Pakistani clothing factory kills more than 250 people to become the deadliest industrial and manufacturing fire ever recorded by NFPA.

Looking Back

The 1986 Dupont Plaza Hotel fire.


Sprinklers control Vermont arson fire



Enhancing the technical basis of inspection, testing, and maintenance requirements.

Structural Ops

Addressing operational errors related to fire protection systems.


The many ways NFPA 72 addresses planning and installing fire alarms.

Electrical Safety

A proposal for 2014 NEC fine-tunes the requirements for clear work space.

Heads Up

Alternatives to antifreeze solutions in sprinklers.

In Compliance

Fire alarm system requirements in NFPA 72 and NFPA 101.


Water supply requirements and home fire sprinklers.

Wildfire Watch

Getting past headlines and sound bites for a more focused look at wildfires.