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NFPA Journal Cover - July/August 2013
July/August 2013 Assembly Occupancies

In addition to our cover story on MNS at Circuit of the Americas, we take a close look at the creation of a new guide for event safety. Plus, an update from the annual meeting in Chicago.


Allied in Safety

A new organization dedicated to live-event safety is creating a guide it hopes will become indispensable for industry professionals

Loud and Clear

What happens when a county fire marshal in Texas decides that a big new Formula One racetrack needs a mass notification system?

Firefighter Fatalities in the United States 2012

Last year, 64 U.S. firefighters died while on duty, the lowest number recorded since NFPA first began to study firefighter fatalities.

Front Burner

A project conducted under the auspices of the Fire Protection Research Foundation aims to help develop standardized fire scenarios and performance test methods for cooking-fire mitigation technologies.

2012 Firefighter Fatality Narratives

A selection of fatality incidents taken from the full report.


First Word

Global view


The safety and training director of the International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees Local 728 talks about NFPA’s role in the entertainment industry.


In A Flash

NFPA’s wildfire blog keeps close tabs on Colorado’s most destructive wildfire.


Fire damages boats at marina

Looking Back

In the closing days of WWII, a B-25 bomber slams into the Empire State Building



How emerging technology introduces hazards while making our world better.

Structural Ops

Doing more with less doesn’t work when you’re fighting high-rise fires.


Why alarm systems must be tested after installation or repair.

Electrical Safety

Yes, you should use the latest edition of the National Electrical Code®.

Heads Up

Minimally invasive ways to conduct internal assessments of piping.

In Compliance

Despite increased smoke alarm use in the past 40 years, challenges remain.


A Massachusetts community reaches out to high-risk populations.

Wildfire Watch

What we really mean when we talk about the wildland/urban interface.