Published on May 5, 2014.

The NFPA Treasurer’s Annual Report is issued to Association Members as required by the Articles of the Association, Section 6.11, Paragraph 2, as adopted through Amendment to the Articles in November 2000.

Publication revenues were ahead of expectations, mainly attributable to a successful transition in the distribution of the 2014 NEC code and handbook, with reduced dependence on large distributors and more emphasis on direct sales. The effect of this change will be a smoothing of revenues over a three-year publication cycle and improved margins. Membership levels remained around the 68,000 level with retention levels similar to previous years. Training revenues were below the prior year with reduced demand for “face to face” training. NFPA will be increasing its online training offerings in 2014. Expenses were higher than 2012 due to increased costs arising from the higher publication revenues. NFPA incurred a small operating surplus that was better than the budgeted deficit and enjoyed strong returns on the investment portfolio, coupled with a favorable pension liability adjustment.

Net assets increased by $49 million to approximately $255 million, and with strong cash flow and no debt, NFPA remains in a very sound financial position.

Download the NFPA Treasurer’s Annual Report (PDF, 52 KB).