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NFPA Journal January February 2015
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2015 Health Care Occupancies

In this issue, NFPA Journal explores how aggressive modern fires and influential fire science research are causing some of the country’s biggest fire departments to change how they operate. PLUS: We also talk to personal protective equipment expert William Haskell about lessons learned from the recent Ebola outbreak.


Fire Tactics

As modern furnishings and construction methods lead to more aggressive fires, new research is leading the fire service to reexamine fundamental practices for fighting residential fires.


A conversation with William Haskell, a NIOSH personal protective equipment expert and NFPA technical committee member, on the PPE lessons learned following the recent Ebola outbreak.

Health Codes

Making the case for streamlining the complex layers of health care regulations, which can grind against each other and have an impact on hospital operations, including patient care.

Old and New

New requirements meant an older nursing home in Oregon would need to retrofit a new sprinkler system—all while residents stayed in the building.

Conference and Expo 2015

The ‘city of broad shoulders’ will host this year’s annual NFPA Conference & Expo.

In Compliance


NFPA 72 and a requirement for low-frequency alarms for sleeping areas.

NFPA 101

Input Wanted: Why your feedback is important on the concept of larger smoke compartments in hospitals.


NEC features are designed to protect first responders from rooftop PV systems.


The pros and cons of some common water supply sources for home fire sprinklers.


First Responder

An important tool for fire departments to create an infection control program.


NFPA codes and standards and the concept of resiliency.


A new contest rewards the ingenuity of youth to create fire-safety messages.

Wildfire Watch

The links between residents and wildfire responders are tighter than you think.


First Word

NFPA President Jim Pauley takes a look at the year past and and priorities for the year ahead.


Karen Facey, a fire marshal in Connecticut, shares a personal tale of just how indiscriminant fire can be.

News + Analysis

In A Flash

A scourge of fires at residential complexes under construction highlights the need for safe work practices.


Fire Incidents from across the country.

Looking Back

Remembering the 1974 NYPRO chemical plant explosion in Flixborough, England.