November December 2015 Journal Cover
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2015 Focus on sprinklers and alarms

In this issue, NFPA Journal looks at the wildfire problem, including a recap of the 2015 wildfire season, promising new wildfire research, and a groundbreaking NFPA study on how municipal fire departments are handling the wildfire burden. Plus: the 2014 U.S. firefighter injuries and U.S. large-loss fires reports, a sprinkler story from South Carolina, and more.


The Year in Wildfire

A historic number of acres burned, record-setting fires in Washington State, a pivotal year for the U.S. Forest Service, and more: six big takeaways from the 2015 wildfire season.

Local Focus

With local fire departments taking on more of the wildfire burden, a groundbreaking NFPA study looks to define the challenges departments face and the resources they need to tackle the job.

Southern Comfort

The compelling story of how home fire sprinklers were included—then dropped, then included again—in a single-family development in South Carolina.

Large Loss Fires 2014

Six fires in apartment complexes under construction were among the largest fires in the country last year, which totaled more than $654 million in direct property loss across all categories.

US Firefighter Injuries 2014

An estimated 63,350 firefighter injuries occurred in the line of duty last year, the fewest since NFPA began analyzing this data in 1981.

In Compliance


Knowing where smoke detectors should go—and where they shouldn’t.

NFPA 101

Considering the use of grab bars to prevent falls in baths and showers.


Fighting to keep arc fault circuit interrupters in Alabama’s building code.


The importance of the scope and purpose statements in the automatic sprinkler system installation standards.


First Responder

How the fire service is increasingly partnering with law enforcement.


Smart Progress: applying data to decision-making around fire prevention.


How NFPA is addressing the rail transport of crude oil and ethanol.

Wildfire Watch

Exploring the importance of social behavior research in wildfire science.


First Word

NFPA President Jim Pauley on why the fire service needs assessment is so important, and why participation matters.


New research on wildfire spread could produce more reliable models for fire behavior.

Section Spotlight

Spotlight on the Architects/Engineers/Building Officials Section.

News + Analysis

In A Flash

An NFPA team visited Bangladesh recently to assess the progress made in improving garment industry worker safety.


Fire incidents from across the country.

Looking Back

Harbor Disaster: The 1917 Halifax Explosion.