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Special Issue Home Fire Sprinklers

In this special sprinkler issue, NFPA Journal celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition with a comprehensive look, from a variety of perspectives, at how home fire sprinklers save lives, prevent injuries, and reduce property loss. Plus: Looking back at HSFC’s first 20 years, its successes, and the continued effort to get this life-saving technology into all new homes.


How We Got Here

Twenty years of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition.

The Final Frontier

Despite the efforts of advocates and code requirements supporting the cause, the question persists: How can this life-saving technology make it into all new homes?

The Fire Service Angle

How the fire service learned to love home fire sprinklers and why it’s a key partner in sprinkler efforts nationwide.

Sprinklers and Homebuilders

For homebuilders, home fire sprinklers offer a low-cost, appealing feature for buyers—and an array of trade-ups that make smart business sense.

The Scottsdale Ordinance at 30

Jim Ford, the steward of the landmark home sprinkler ordinance in Scottsdale, Arizona, talks about the rewards of 30 years of being a fire-protected community.

Sprinklers and Water Purveyors

Water purveyors are ignoring the myths and embracing home sprinklers as allies of municipal water suppliers.

Sprinkler Voices

The Allyn-Brittian Family

After fire loss, Connecticut family rebuilds with home fire sprinklers.

Rob Feeney

A Station nightclub survivor joins the home sprinkler fight.

Tom Lia

Mover and Shaker: Sprinklering Illinois one community at a time.

Pam Elliott

A nurse and burn survivor pushes for home fire sprinklers.

News + Analysis

In A Flash

Q&A with the public face of the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, Ron Hazelton.


Home fire sprinkler saves.


For State Farm, sprinklers are essential tools for preventing death, injuries, and property loss.

Looking Back

The residential fire sprinkler is born.


First Word

NFPA President Jim Pauley discusses NFPA’s commitment to home fire sprinklers.

Sprinkler Myths

Debunking 10 myths about home fire sprinklers.


A unified message is critical in the fight against home sprinkler opponents.