NFPA Journal Cover January February 2016
JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2016 Healthcare Occupancies

In this issue, NFPA Journal looks at the rapid rise of battery energy storage systems, including the factors driving the adoption of the technology, and how NFPA and others are working to answer the many lingering safety questions. Plus: in three parts, NFPA Journal explores what the increase in home healthcare and independent living means for responders, caregivers, and the patients themselves.


Power to Spare

As big battery energy storage systems revolutionize power management, enforcers and responders tackle a host of emerging safety questions.

Community Coverage

As hospitals try to reduce costs related to the readmissions and emergency department care, fire-based medical services get proactive in providing non-acute care in patients’ homes.

Hearth, Home, Hemodialysis

More home healthcare means larger and more sophisticated medical equipment in residential settings. Are caregivers, first responders, and patients prepared to handle the complications?

State of Independence

With more Americans choosing to grow old at home, healthcare workers and responders are designing strategies to reach them where they live.

In Compliance


Why it’s important to plan carefully for fire alarm system testing impairments.

NFPA 101

Mixed approach: The AHJ has final say in mixed-occupancy protection.


Highlights of the proposed 2017 NEC changes, including new articles for generation, distribution, and utilization.


Why some requirements in NFPA 25 call for water discharge, even in a drought.


First Responder

A mother’s loss drives the discussion about how to improve fire hoses.


Best behaviors: The need to expand research on human behavior in fire safety and prevention.


Voices carry: The importance of personal stories to drive home the advocacy message.

Wildfire Watch

In a push to rebuild following a wildfire, a community may miss the big takeaways.


Worldview: A new column on how NFPA is addressing the global fire problem.

Washington D.C.

A federal agency’s freeze on data sharing threatens NFPA’s responder research.


First Word

NFPA President Jim Pauley discusses NFPA’s highlights from a busy 2015.


NFPA’s new director of data strategy and analytics on how big data can power fire and life-safety initiatives.

Section Spotlight

Spotlight on the International Fire Marshals Association.


Comments from the NFPA Journal audience.

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