Author(s): Scott Sutherland. Published on January 4, 2016.

Washington and the World

New Journal columns will cover national and international issues.

IN THIS ISSUE OF NFPA JOURNAL, we introduce two important new columns: “Washington, D.C.,” by Greg Cade, and “International,” by Don Bliss.

Neither the topics nor their authors are new to Journal, but their regular presence is. Cade is director of NFPA’s D.C.-based Government Affairs division, and has been an occasional contributor to our “Outreach” column. Bliss is vice president of Field Operations for NFPA and has also written periodically for “Outreach.” In both cases, we thought the time was right to devote an every-issue column to both topics, with the aim of keeping readers better informed on the federal and international issues that impact the world of fire and life safety.

Cade will cover a range of federal issues impacting NFPA and its members, including legislative matters, research initiatives, and federal partnerships. Bliss, who spends much of his time traveling the globe for NFPA, will bring us dispatches on the fire-and-life-safety challenges occurring around the world and the opportunities they present for NFPA to partner with governments and international safety organizations.

Also in this issue, Lorraine Carli, vice president for Outreach and Advocacy at NFPA, becomes our regular “Outreach” column contributor, bringing us in-depth looks at a range of NFPA advocacy efforts.

We’re excited about these additions to Journal coverage, and we hope you enjoy them. —Scott Sutherland, editor