September October 2016 NFPA Journal Cover of a Burning marijuana leaf
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2016 Educational and cultural occupancies

In this issue, NFPA Journal dives deep into the burgeoning world of the legal commercial marijuana industry, and discovers the fire and life safety lessons that Colorado can teach as the pot business prepares for a potential boom. Plus: A look at safety considerations in high-rise university science labs; considering off-campus fire safety; the 2015 U.S. Fire Loss Report; cancer on the rise in 9/11 responders; and much more.


Growing Pains

With the marijuana business booming and poised to spread across the nation, Colorado—the epicenter of the commercial pot industry—offers a host of hard-fought lessons learned.

High Rise Science

Building a chemical science lab on the upper floors of a new research center is fraught with numerous code challenges. Just ask the University of Texas.

2015 Catastrophic Multiple-Death Fire Report

Nine fires resulting in 42 fatalities occurred in the U.S. in 2015, the lowest number of catastrophic multiple death fires ever recorded.

2015 U.S. Fire Loss Report

Fire departments responded to 1.3 million fires last year in the U.S., resulting in $14.3 billion in property loss. Both numbers are an increase over 2014.

In Compliance


Back to school special: Fire alarm systems in K-12 schools.

NFPA 101

The CMS switch to the 2012 edition of NFPA 101® and why it matters.


Two important 2017 NEC® changes have roots in Canada.


Attic questions: Understanding concealed space sprinkler requirements.



Off-campus conundrum: Addressing the persistent problem of off-campus fire safety.

Washington D.C.

Firefighter cancer is finally being recognized as the huge problem it is, and steps to address it have begun.


A rush to boost security after terrorist events should not compromise fire safety.


Meet Crosby, the servers that usher NFPA into the big-data age.

First Responder

A former chief reconsiders the threat of gun violence to first responders.

Wildfire Watch

In wildfire evacuation, the elderly and disabled require special consideration.


First Word

NFPA President Jim Pauley sends a special thanks to NFPA’s Board of Directors for their passion and commitment.


A director at the World Trade Center Health Program discusses cancer and the many illness among 9/11 responders.

News + Analysis

In A Flash

Fires in off-campus housing have killed scores of students over the years. NFPA and several partners are raising awareness and developing resources to help address the problem.


Fire incidents from across the country.