Published on November 1, 2018.

Animal housing categories in the new NFPA 150

Animal Health Care

Includes animal housing facilities used for short-term care, maintenance, or medical attention of animals. Examples: Veterinarian clinics, outpatient wellness clinics, inpatient hospitals, and post-op housing.

Horse Facilities

Facilities used for temporary or permanent housing for horses, for general board and care. Examples: Stables, and facilities for horse racing and breeding.


Facilities used for experimentation, education, or scientific experimentation or production research on animals in a controlled environment. Examples: Laboratories, schools, universities.

Exhibition/Public Viewing

Facilities that allow public access for the purpose of exhibition or public viewing of animals. Examples: Zoos, aquariums, nature centers, amusement parks, and wildlife sanctuaries.

General Board and Care

Facilities used for temporary or permanent housing of animals used for providing a service, participating in a sport, or for the purposes of providing general board or care. Examples: Dog kennels, animal adoption shelters, dog groomers, animal day-care facilities, and training facilities.


Animal housing facilities used for housing agricultural animals used for food or commodity production. Examples: Swine farrowing and nurseries, poultry housing, milking facilities, and dairy loafing sheds.


Facilities used for the shelter or care of animals during an emergency event that are either temporary or not typically used for animal occupancy. Examples: Emergency or disaster relief centers, or temporarily buildings being used to house animals during an emergency.