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NFPA 3000 events at C&E

It’s been just over a year since NFPA released its groundbreaking standard on responding to active shooter and other hostile events, NFPA 3000™ (PS), Standard for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event Response (ASHER) Program. Since then, the standard has been the subject of countless news articles and media inquiries to NFPA. Its influence will continue to grow with a “conference within a conference” on NFPA 3000 planned to take place alongside the 2019 NFPA Conference & Expo in San Antonio, Texas, in June.

The daylong event, scheduled for June 18, will feature a block of free, informative sessions from 8 a.m. to noon. A block of more interactive sessions is scheduled for the afternoon for $250 per person.

“Safety is something we all say we want—but when it comes down to the realities of what it takes to keep people safe, we often turn away because it’s uncomfortable, expensive, or may cause us to get into arguments,” said Michele Gay, cofounder of Safe and Sound Schools, a national school safety resource center founded by parents who lost children in the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. “We need community leaders to work together, and our policymakers to champion, endorse, and support collaboration.” Gay, who lost her youngest daughter at Sandy Hook, will deliver remarks during the NFPA 3000 events at C&E.

Visit to register for these events. More information about C&E in general is available at, and to read the May/June 2018 NFPA Journal cover story on the development of NFPA 3000, go to

NFPA to consolidate over 100 documents

In April, the NFPA Standards Council approved a plan that will lead to the consolidation of 114 current NFPA documents relating to emergency response and responder safety (ERRS) into 38. The project will begin in January 2020 and last five years.

“Over the last century, NFPA has produced more than 100 codes and standards for the benefit of the responder community,” said Chris Dubay, vice president of engineering at NFPA. “As new threats and hazards emerged, our standards committees came together to address different challenges and opportunities. Now is the time to take that wealth of knowledge and combine it in a way that is relevant and accessible for responders today. This undertaking blends the critical information that responders need to know to stay safe and delivers it in a format that is more complete and convenient.”

The decision was also made after responders and technical committee members voiced concerns in recent years over conflicting information within NFPA’s ERRS standards, a lack of knowledge about what different technical committees are working on, and the sheer number of standards preventing technical committee members from serving on all of the committees involved in matters they’re interested in.

More information on this decision is available under the “news releases” section at

Wang tapped as C&E keynote speaker

Tricia Wang, who describes herself as a “global tech ethnographer,” will deliver the keynote speech at this year’s NFPA Conference & Expo (C&E).

“I live at the intersection of data, design, and digital,” Wang says on “My life’s work is advancing how organizations use technology to serve people. I love helping organizations uncover how their bias toward the quantifiable comes at the expense of profits and people, and even more importantly, how to fix it.”

In 2016, Wang gave a TED Talk titled “The Human Insights Missing from Big Data,” in which she detailed the wrong decisions companies can make from interpreting data without considering the human elements behind it. Big data earned its reputation for success by quantifying contained systems, such as electrical grids or genetic code, but when applied to more dynamic systems that involve humans, “forces are complex and unpredictable and these are things we don’t know how to model so well,” Wang says. To watch her full 15-minute presentation, go to and search for “Tricia Wang.”

This year’s C&E will be held in San Antonio, Texas, June 17–20. For information visit

Event celebrates the effectiveness of home fire sprinklers

This year’s Home Fire Sprinkler Week™ will be held May 19–25. Led by the Fire Sprinkler Initiative®, a project of NFPA, and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition® (HFSC), the event tasks safety advocates across the country with hosting events to promote the life- and property- saving power of home fire sprinklers.

The goal of Home Fire Sprinkler Week is to have these events occur in all 50 states within the one week. Events are also expected to take place in Canada and the United Kingdom.

“The alarming number of home fire deaths and injuries each year should be on the radar of every decision maker and member of the media,” said Lorraine Carli, vice president of Outreach and Advocacy at NFPA and president of HFSC. NFPA data shows that home fires kill an average of seven people a day in the United States, and the risk of dying in a home fire drops by about 85 percent when sprinklers are present and working.

“Through these events, we hope to illuminate the fire problem and its solution on a national scale,” Carli said. “Fire sprinklers have been a US model building code requirement since 2009, yet challenges to its adoption still exist. Taking action collectively will send a powerful message that fire sprinklers are widely accepted and must be embraced in every state.”

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ANGELO VERZONI is staff writer at NFPA Journal. Top Photograph: Getty Images