January/February 2020

In this issue, NFPA Journal examines electric vehicle safety, the emerging community health care model, fires in international hospitals, how the famed Getty Museum in Los Angeles stays safe during wildfires, durable medical equipment, and more.


Stranded Energy

The number of electric vehicles on the road is growing rapidly, even as critical questions remain about how to effectively respond to the most severe EV crashes.

The International Hospital Fire Problem

Deadly hospital fires are frequent occurrences around the world. Experts say economic globalization is driving new approaches that could change that.

The EMS Revolution

A new model of home-based care promises to help fix a broken EMS system and keep people with chronic ailments out of the emergency room

In Compliance

Loudspeaker Circuit Survivability

Why does loudspeaker circuit wiring in high-rise buildings need two-hour construction protection?

Stairwell Safety

Stairwell and exit enclosure penetrations, and the balance between security and life safety

Safe Service Work

2020 NEC revision adds safety provisions for service equipment work, eliminating massive hazard

Sprinklers and ESS

NFPA 855 addresses design spacing, density, other sprinkler system requirements for energy storage systems


Responder: The Volunteer Crisis

Rural areas in the US are facing a crisis in volunteer-run emergency medical services. What can be done?

Research: We Are the World

Globalization is erasing many differences in the built environment and researchers can use that to their advantage

Outreach: Why It Matters

A few examples of how public safety educators' efforts make a huge difference

Wildfire: Power Off

What the deliberate power outages in California say about our wildfire planning, preparation, and resiliency


First Word: Sprinklers Now

NFPA president calls for home fire sprinklers

Perspectives: Guarding the Getty

How the Getty Museum in Los Angeles was designed to withstand wildfire

Reader Feedback

Feedback from the NFPA Journal audience

News + Analysis

Dispatches: Lights Out

The rise of durable medical equipment and why it generates concern over reliable power sources

Firewatch, March/April 2020

Fire incidents from across the country

Looking Back: Behind Bars

The St. Elizabeth's Mercy Hospital Fire of 1950—Davenport, Iowa