July/August 2020

In this issue, NFPA Journal details the return of crowds in a post–COVID-19 world, the push toward remote video inspections, and the latest in crowd management research. PLUS: A look at how a cannabis-related explosion in Los Angeles could set the industry back, an interview with a wildfire preparedness coordinator, the 2019 US Firefighter Fatalities report, and much more.


A COVID Opening

An event safety expert offers an opinionated look at the challenges of opening gathering spaces during an ongoing pandemic

Crowd Control

As crowds return, a new tool from NFPA will offer facility managers and safety officials the power to evaluate and manage potentially dangerous crowd dynamics

Report: Firefighter Fatalities in the United States in 2019

Last year saw a number of fewest-ever marks achieved for firefighter fatalities, including the first year on record with no multiple-fatality incidents

Remote Video Inspection Revolution

Thanks to COVID-19, RVI has gone from a seldom-used approach to the next big thing in building life safety. Is it here to stay?

In Compliance

Alarm Timing

When do we sound the alarm? Clearing up confusion around alarm audibility requirements.

Life safety during the reopening

The importance of verifying emergency lighting and exit marking as the world starts to reopen

Emerging and timely hazards

What the 2020 NEC has to say about electric vehicles and marina safety

Establishing water supply

The challenges and considerations for establishing a water supply as part of a sprinkler system


Responder: Fighting for EMS

The pandemic has proven that EMS is vital. Why don't we treat it that way?

Research: Thinking Tall

Tall wood buildings are popular, but how do we protect them?

Outreach: Getting the Message

What COVID-19 and quarantines have taught us about public safety messaging

Wildfire: Prep Dedication

Preparing communities for wildfire during a pandemic


First Word: The Push Forward

NFPA President Jim Pauley writes about NFPA's global focus

Perspectives: Wildfire Prep Pro

Missoula County, Montana's wildfire preparedness coordinator discusses his role, recent projects, and what people often get wrong about wildfire prep

News + Analysis

Dispatches: Two Steps Back?

After a Los Angeles explosion injures 12 firefighters, experts worry the legal cannabis industry will pay the price

Firewatch: July/August 2020

Fire incidents from across the country

Looking Back: On the Waterfront

The 1921 Hoboken, New Jersey, pier fire