May/June 2020

In this issue, NFPA Journal examines the far-reaching impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the Grenfell Tower fire three years later, significant code changes for 2021, and home fire sprinkler incentives. PLUS: How COVID-19 could make preparing for and responding to natural disasters harder, a new global set of building fire safety principles, and more.


Data Void

Three years after Grenfell, accurate data on fires involving combustible exterior wall assemblies is still difficult to obtain. What does that mean for the global safety community?

Learning from COVID

NFPA Journal staff look at the early lessons from COVID-19 and their potential impact on how responders, health care facilities, and communities manage the next widespread emergency

2021 Code Revision Roundup

Valet trash services, cannabis facilities, special amusements, and microgrids were just a few of the many topics debated during this NFPA code revision cycle. Here are some of the highlights.

Fire Sprinkler Incentives

How planners and AHJs are engaging homebuilders with an array of creative incentives to encourage the installation of home fire sprinklers

In Compliance

Fire alarms, signaling, and emergency communication

Fire alarms, mass notification, and cybersecurity

Life safety in new and existing structures

Interior and exterior furnishings and contents changes for 2021 edition

Electrical Safety

Evaluating a request for energized work

Water-based fire protection systems

Sprinkler protection for various ceiling types


Responder: COVID-19

During times of crisis, a responder's first priority is to stay healthy

Research: The Full Picture

Why we need a better understanding of the environmental impacts of fire

Outreach: CRR and COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic is a study of community risk reduction in action

Wildfire: The Andrew Effect

Florida's comprehensive response to the 1992 hurricane can teach us a lot about how to confront wildfire


First Word: Fundamental Shift

NFPA President and CEO Jim Pauley discusses the NFPA content shift

Special: 2020 Conference & Expo Update

NFPA President and CEO Jim Pauley on the cancellation of this year’s event in Orlando

Perspectives: Wildfire + COVID-19

How COVID-19 could impact the upcoming wildfire season

News + Analysis

Dispatches: Safety Worldwide

A global consortium of experts craft a list of universal building fire safety principles

Firewatch, May/June 2020

Fire incidents from across the country

Looking Back: Beach Blaze

In June 1922, a beach blaze consumed a sandy stretch of Queens, New York