November/December 2020

In this issue, NFPA Journal examines the worsening global wildfire crisis as a historically massive and destructive wildfire season comes to a close in the western United States. Also, we look at a new gas detection standard from NFPA, and the battle to prevent fires in refugee camps. PLUS: the 2019 Firefighter Injuries and Large-Loss Fires reports, a new study on volunteer firefighter retention, and much more.


Detecting Gas Leaks

As gas leaks become more frequent, the risk of deadly explosions increases. A new NFPA standard aims to address the problem.

The Wildfire Crisis

Five truths from a pivotal year in the world's growing struggle with wildfire

Firefighter Injuries in the United States in 2019

Last year, 60,825 line-of-duty firefighter injuries occurred, a slight uptick over 2018 but one of the lowest totals since this data has been analyzed

Large-Loss Fires in the United States in 2019

An incident at a Texas chemical facility accounted for more than half of the dollar losses associated with large-loss fires last year

In Compliance

Hot Topic

Why pathway survivability is still at the center of debate

Purell Protection: Part I

Life safety considerations for alcohol-based hand sanitizing solutions

Expanded Requirements

Addressing issues around new GFCI requirements in the 2020 NEC

Purell Protection: Part II

Sprinkler protection for alcohol-based hand sanitizing solutions


Research: Data United

NFPA participates in an ambitious new effort to standardize the collection of fire data from around the world

Outreach: First Person

A new Faces of Fire campaign uses personal stories to bring awareness to electrical hazards

Wildfire: Snap To

Our current approach to combatting wildfire isn't working. So why do we remain complacent?


First Word: Wildfire Reckoning

NFPA President Jim Pauley discusses the global wildfire crisis

Perspectives: Safety for the Afflicted

A fire safety engineer discusses the problem of fires in refugee camps and informal settlements

Feedback: November/December 2020

Feedback from the NFPA Journal audience

News + Analysis

Dispatches: Vanishing Act

New report sheds light on why volunteer fire departments struggle to retain members

Firewatch: November/December 2020

Fire incidents from across the country

Looking Back: Hospital Blaze

On the day after Christmas in 1923, a fire tore through the halls of Dunning Hospital in Dunning, Illinois