Fall 2021

Fire protection for flying taxis and energy storage systems, fire safety in the United States since 1980, what the Florida condo collapse means for similar buildings across the country, and much more.


The New NFPA 1700

NFPA 1700, Guide for Structural Fire Fighting, brings decades of fire research to the gritty reality of the fireground

ESS Guidance Needed

After a 2019 explosion in Arizona, experts say safety guidance is needed for energy storage systems

Prepped for Takeoff

The emerging flying taxi industry and what it means for fire safety professionals

Fire Progress Report

A landmark study from NFPA draws on nearly 40 years of data to assess efforts at reducing fires in the US

In Compliance

Secondary Power

Secondary power supply is a key consideration of fire alarm reliability

The Silent Killer

The Life Safety Code and carbon monoxide requirements

EVs and the NEC

Why an up-to-date NEC is critical to create EV infrastructure

Oxygen Risk

Fire protection for hyperbaric facilities in hospitals


Research: Older, Alone, At Risk

A new NFPA report reveals significant fire risks for seniors

Outreach: Consistency Matters

How we ensure that public safety messaging is consistent across the world

Wildfire: Emotional Rescue

We need to better understand the emotional toll of wildfire


First Word: Where We're At

NFPA President Jim Pauley on the state of the organization

Perspectives: In My Tribe

An event safety expert discusses a fatal Israeli crowd crush incident

News + Analysis

Dispatches: Group Effort

How can small fire departments prepare for fires at large industrial facilities

Firewatch: Summer 2021

Fire incidents from across the country

Looking Back: Concert Collapse

The Indiana State Fair stage disaster of 2011