Winter 2021

Fire safety in an increasingly urbanized world, putting a stop to human human trafficking, Beirut a year after its catastrophic port blast, flood risk in the United States, and much more.


Full Throttle

As the popularity of e-bikes and e-scooters grows worldwide, some safety experts say more regulation of these devices is needed

The New Foam

With AFFF being phased out and new firefighting foams being developed, the fire protection world braces for what’s next

Work in Progress

An influential new report presents a sobering assessment of the discipline of fire investigation

In Compliance

In Compliance

A quarterly overview of timely topics related to major NFPA codes and standards


Research: The Poverty Factor

Poor people face a disproportionate share of fire risk in the US

Outreach: A Century of FPW

As FPW marks its centennial, the home fire problem takes on a new urgency

Wildfire: Stepping Up

Pilot program shows communities can dramatically reduce their risk from wildfire


Perspectives: 'Breakdowns at Every Point'

A conversation with US Fire Administrator Lori Moore-Merrell

News + Analysis

Dispatches: Spread the Word

After a recent string of deadly mass shootings, experts say it’s critical to get NFPA 3000 in front of leaders

Looking Back: ‘Gas Getting Strong’

100 years after California’s deadliest mining disaster