Winter 2021

Fire safety in an increasingly urbanized world, putting a stop to human human trafficking, Beirut a year after its catastrophic port blast, flood risk in the United States, and much more.


Research Driven

As it marks its 40th anniversary, the FPRF faces an imposing array of global research challenges

One Spark

A new FPRF report examines fires and explosions sparked by static electricity

Full Immersion

How AR and VR could revolutionize firefighter training


With wildfire season now a year-round occurrence, the federal government has ramped up funding and manpower to combat the worsening crisis

In Compliance


Research: Big Plans

NFPA helps shape an ambitious global initiative designed to improve fire safety in the built environment over the next decade

Outreach: Bringing the Fire

Using VR to convey the power of side-by-side burns and demonstrate the essential value of home fire sprinklers

Wildfire: Growth Opportunities

Why is there a shortage of professionals who can design and build wildfire-safe buildings?


Perspectives: Brothers in Service

A conversation with longtime fire service leaders Russ Sanders and Greg Cade

News + Analysis

Dispatches: Studying the Surge

New FPRF study finds hospital electrical systems may be oversized

Looking Back: Costly Reminder

100 years later: A Chicago blaze underscores the fallacy of a ‘fireproof building’