Winter 2021

Fire safety in an increasingly urbanized world, putting a stop to human human trafficking, Beirut a year after its catastrophic port blast, flood risk in the United States, and much more.


Taking Stock

A new tool developed by NFPA can help communities identify critical gaps in the Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem

ESS Prep

Battery-powered energy storage systems are cropping up everywhere. How can the fire service prepare?

A Little Help

NFPA takes new approach to fall and fire prevention for the elderly

Letter from Grizzly Flats

NFPA's Firewise USA manager recounts a recent visit to a fire-ravaged California town

ITM Updates

Six key proposed changes to the 2023 edition of NFPA 25

In Compliance

In Compliance

A quarterly overview of timely topics related to major NFPA codes and standards


Research: Scant Protection

A pair of new reports challenges standards developers to improve wildfire protection in building codes

Outreach: Pet Threat

Fires in animal boarding facilities make it critically important to spread public education messages in your community

Wildfire: Listen to Linnea

A high school student from Oregon explains the National Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Strategy in an engaging six-minute video


Perspectives: 'Doing it Better'

A conversation with US Fire Administrator Lori Moore-Merrell

News + Analysis

Dispatches: Studying the Surge

New FPRF study finds hospital electrical systems may be oversized

Under Fire

Ukrainian official talks to NFPA Journal about the realities faced by firefighters in a war zone