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NFPA Journal® is the official member magazine of NFPA, a nonprofit standards development organization dedicated to keeping people, property, and the environment safe from fire and other disasters. The magazine won a 2010 EXCEL Award for General Excellence from Association Media and Publishing.

NFPA Journal editors regularly work with freelance and technical contributors on a wide range of stories for the magazine. It is essential that contributors are familiar with the magazine and that they understand both the mission of NFPA and the makeup of its membership before querying NFPA Journal editors.

NFPA Journal publishes only exclusives or articles that guarantee first-time publication rights. We do not accept simultaneous submissions or return materials submitted for publication. NFPA retains all print and electronic rights, both international and domestic, for accepted articles. As a rule, unsolicited articles are neither published nor acknowledged by NFPA Journal.

To query NFPA Journal, send a brief email to Executive Editor Scott Sutherland.

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