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The digital issue of NFPA Journal® is web-based and presents all of the magazine’s stories and ads as they appear in the print magazine, with websites and email addresses clickable for instant access. The digital issue includes special versions for iPad, iPhone, and Android.

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May/June 2014
This issue offers complete coverage of the NFPA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, from timely codes and standards to an A-Z listing of Expo exhibitors. Also in this issue:

  • Vegas' new high roller: Fire + life safety — including technical rescue — on the world’s tallest observation wheel
  • The Hydrogen Connection: A look at the array of emerging applications for hydrogen and how NFPA 2 is addressing hydrogen safety issues.
  • Trouble in Mind: A look at the growing awareness in the fire service of behavioral health problems including depression and PTSD, and what's being done to address them.
  • Integration Nation: A primer on NFPA 4, the new standard for integrated fire protection and life safety system testing.

March/April 2014
This issues focuses on the safety issues with industrial and storage occupancies including a look at a new study on the cost of sprinklered fires versus non-sprinklered fires in industrial settings, updates to NFPA 32, Dry Cleaning Plants, and a cover story on the aftermath of an explosion at a Texas fertilizer facility.

January/February 2014
This health care-themed issue includes features on barrier separations in hospitals and other health care occupancies, and on a new book detailing the impact of Hurricane Katrina on a New Orleans hospital. Our cover story examines the usefulness — and the potential pitfalls — of social media during large-scale emergencies.

November/December 2013
The cover story features an update on NFPA 25, plus a look at new provisions in NFPA 72 addressing the use of Ethernets and other computer networks to carry fire alarm signals. There's also an interview with geologist and an update on the recent discussion over electric vehicles sparked by the Tesla automobile that caught fire.

September/October 2013
In addition to furniture flammability, we look at the role of the fire service in integrated responses to mass-casualty shootings. Plus, an interview on corrosion in dry-pipe sprinkler systems in cultural resource occupancies.

July/August 2013
In addition to our cover story on MNS at Circuit of the Americas, we take a close look at the creation of a new guide for event safety. Plus, an update from the annual meeting in Chicago.

May/June 2013
A complete guide to the NFPA Conference + Expo including a feature on changes to the 2013 edition of the National Electrical Code® which will enhance the safety of home rooftop wiring, green power systems, and more. 

March/April 2013
The international retailer IKEA joins insurers, sprinkler manufacturers, and other stakeholders in devising protection criteria for hazardous stored products that they hope can soon be included in NFPA 13, Installation of Sprinkler Systems?

January/February 2013
Hurricane Sandy tested emergency procedures at health care facilities all along the East Coast; on the eve of a new requirement that all U.S. nursing homes be sprinklered, a look back at 50 years of progress and the new challenges that continue to emerge; how key lessons learned from the 2011 tornado in Joplin, Missouri, are being incorporated into the design, construction, and emergency planning of the new Mercy Hospital Joplin.

November/December 2012
The 70th anniversary of the Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire; fire and life safety risks associated with green buildings: the ongoing debate surrounding series fire pumps

September/October 2012
Lessons learned from the Comayagua, Honduras prison fire; The costliest wildfire in Colorado history; 2011 Fire Loss in the United States report; and the Catastrophic Multiple-Death Fires in 2011.

July/August 2012
Fire and life safety upgrades at Boston's Fenway Park; Integrating safety and historic preservation on the Statue of Libery; Emergency preparation at live events; 2011 firefighter fatalities.

May/June 2012
The new Digital Edition of the NFPA Journal; 13 questions about sprinkler systems; A 2012 NFPA Conference & Expo preview; Updating fire fighter safety standards.