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From shopping malls and big box stores to entertainment venues and arenas, keeping crowds of people safe requires having the necessary measures in place.

In recent years, as festivals and concerts have increasingly employed a dizzying array of audio and visual effects, and as audiences are frequently under the influence of drugs and other substances, ensuring safety has become more challenging.

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NFPA Journal® articles
  • Fielding All ChallengesAtlanta's new SunTrust Park is much more than a baseball stadium. From bars and breweries to Metallica, how the local fire department manages a bustling and complex entertainment facility, 2018.
  • HOTLANTAThe day the Atlanta Braves’ stadium burst into flames, 2018
  • Sensory Overload - In a bid to one-up the competition, presenters of live events are boosting the experience with more volume and a dizzying array of visual effects. But what is the impact of all that spectacle on the systems and procedures intended to provide life safety, 2017
  • A Matter of Will - After a string of recent tragedies, is the world finally ready to do what’s needed to protect people, 2017
  • Life of the Party - Safe spaces, mental health services, drug checking facilities. Welcome to the brave new world of harm reduction, the latest life safety tool of the booming global festival industry, 2016.
  • Fest Tech - New Technology for managing crowds, and the "cascading benefits" of addressing incidents early, 2016
  • Train the Shepherds - In the aftermath of the Orlando shootings, a reminder of why crowd management training is essential for venues, 2016 
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