NFPA to host “Community Risk Reduction: Insights into Action,” a one-day online program providing solutions, tools, and strategies to effectively identify and mitigate community risks

June 23, 2021 – On Tuesday, July 20, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is hosting Community Risk Reduction: Insights into Action,” a one-day program that focuses on the issues fire departments and other public safety officials often face in mitigating safety risks, along with solutions, tools, and strategies to address those challenges. The program is part of the association’s virtual 125th Anniversary Conference Series, which replaces the traditional in-person 2021 NFPA Conference & Expo, and runs from May 2021 through March 2022.

Representing the third monthly program in the conference series, “Community Risk Reduction: Insights into Action” will reinforce the critical importance of conducting a community risk assessment (CRA) as the first step in creating a community risk reduction (CRR) plan, the invaluable contributions partners and stakeholders bring to the CRR table, and the value of leveraging NFPA 1300, Standard on Community Risk Assessment and Community Risk Reduction Plan Development as a unifying framework, among other issues.

“Whether you are new to CRR, getting knee-deep into the CRR waters, or are a savvy influencer in the CRR space, attendees will gain vital insights that advance their local prevention initiatives in actionable ways,” said Karen Berard-Reed, a community risk reduction strategist at NFPA.

Berard-Reed notes that conducting a CRA can be challenging, but when done correctly, it can make CRR much easier and more impactful. With that understanding, many of the day’s presenters will speak to the role of risk assessments in developing buy-in from peers and colleagues, building external relationships, and driving effective CRR efforts.

“Hearing from safety advocates and officials who are actively working to develop and implement CRR plans in their communities will make this event really valuable to attendees,” said Berard-Reed. “Almost everyone has faced challenges along the way, but their efforts to tackle and overcome those obstacles serve as powerful examples of the positive impact we can have in our communities with the right tools, resources, and know-how.”

Attendees can tune in live to earn up to five credit hours (0.5 CEU) and earn an additional five credit hours on-demand for a total of 10 credit hours (1.0 CEU). Alternatively, the content can all be viewed on-demand for a total of 10 credit hours (1.0 CEU). All programs will be available on-demand for up to a year starting on July 20.

Registration for Community Risk Reduction: Insights into Action is now open. Check out the full list of sessions to review all the presentations offered throughout the day. Also, find more information about the entire NFPA 125th Anniversary Conference Series at

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