Fire Protection Research Foundation hosts 25th Annual Suppression, Detection, and Signaling Symposium in September

August 29, 2022 – The Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF), an affiliate of the National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA®), will host the 25th annual Suppression, Detection and Signaling Research and Applications Symposium (SUPDET® 2022) from September 13-16, 2022 at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

Since 1997, the Research Foundation has organized the annual SUPDET conference, bringing together leading experts in the field of fire protection engineering including designers, manufacturers, installers, and AHJs, to share recent research and developments on techniques used for fire suppression, detection, and signaling. This year’s program features more than 25 presentations focusing on the latest topics and benefits from research related to firefighting foam, wildfire applications, advancements in the protection of high hazard commodities, first responder safety, detection advancements, smart technology, and more.

Participants can attend the full conference or choose between the two-day Suppression Program or two-day Detection and Signaling Program. Register today to join the event. More information about the conference, including proceedings from past SUPDET symposia, is available on the NFPA website.

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The Fire Protection Research Foundation: 40 Years of Advancing Safety

The Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF or Foundation) plans, manages, and communicates research on a broad range of fire safety issues in support of the NFPA mission. The Foundation, an affiliate of NFPA, was born out of a growing need for research that better informs the expanding body of NFPA codes and standards in 1982. Today, as it celebrates its 40th Anniversary, the FPRF has a much broader reach, given a wide array of emerging hazards, persistent life safety challenges, and global demand.

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