NFPA and Mike Holt Enterprises announce collaboration to publish 2023 NEC Changes Book

Unique partnership brings together recognized electrical leaders to advance safety 

May 16, 2022 – The National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA®) and Mike Holt Enterprises announced today that they are partnering for the first time to publish a book explaining the key updates to the next edition of NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code® (NEC®). The book, Changes to the National Electrical Code, 2023 edition, will highlight the latest updates with full color illustrations, insightful commentary, technical clarifications, and a general review of the Code. Electrical professionals, including electricians, electrical contractors, engineers, and inspectors, will find it to be a valuable resource for understanding the NEC.

The NEC is the most widely used code in the United States and is used extensively across the globe to safeguard people and property from electrical hazards. To incorporate the latest technologies, research, and learnings, the NEC is updated every three years.

“Today’s world is increasingly complex when it comes to all things electrical,” said NFPA President and CEO Jim Pauley. “The NEC remains the essential resource to ensure all those who work in this field have the latest safety information to address existing and emerging issues. We are extremely excited to partner with Mike to bring this information to life for those who rely on the NEC to do their jobs.”

“Joining with NFPA for this project allows us to bring top NEC resources together to explain the changes in the most important standard in the industry, the NEC. Our book provides the information and illustrations that electrical professionals need to understand and apply the NEC in the field. This partnership will truly advance electrical safety and an understanding of what changed in the Code.” said Holt. “This is a unique and special collaboration for me, and I am thrilled that together we will be able to provide the best possible NEC changes resource.”

Mike has devoted his career to studying and understanding the National Electrical Code and shares that knowledge with simple explanations and detailed graphics that allow the user to apply the NEC in a way they never have before. He has published his Illustrated Guide to Changes to the NEC for over 30 years.

Both Holt and Pauley expressed great enthusiasm for this new partnership and to bringing this expert resource to all those who rely on the NEC to do their jobs.

The book will be available this fall through both Mike Holt Enterprises and NFPA.

Mike Holt Enterprises has been serving the electrical industry for over 40 years, creating and publishing books, videos, online training, and curriculum support for electrical trainers, students, organizations, and electrical professionals. Mike Holt is an author, businessman, educator, speaker, publisher, and National Electrical Code® expert. He has written hundreds of electrical training books and articles, founded three successful businesses, and has taught thousands of electrical code seminars across the US and internationally. 

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