The Fire Protection Research Foundation to Host Free Fire and Life Safety Webinar Series

August 15, 2022 -- The Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF), the research affiliate of the National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA®), is hosting a free “Fire Protection Research Foundation 40th Anniversary Webinar Series” in support of its four decades of facilitating research in support of the fire and life safety community. The two-day series will be held August 24 – 25, 2022. 

Since 1982, the Fire Protection Research Foundation has collaborated with organizations around the world to investigate emerging fire, electrical, and related safety hazards, and solutions. Its work includes aiding in the development of major domestic and international research programs that address an ever-changing world and the increasing challenges to fire safety in the built environment; industry challenges such as data collection and data analytics to inform policy, hazards of new materials and systems, strategies for community resilience, firefighter safety, and more.

The webinar will focus on current Foundation research priorities and other topics related to fire and life safety. The two-day series consists of presentations by subject matter experts who will address the following themes:

Day 1: August 24, 2022, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m. US Eastern Time
  • Reduce Residential Fire Losses
    • Fire Safety in the US since 1980
    • Cooking fires
    • Impact of Medications on Older Adult Falls and Fire Risk
  • Strategies for Community Resilience
    • Wildland & Wildland Urban Interface Fires
    • CAREDEX: Disaster Resilience in Aging Communities via a Secure Data Exchange
    • Global Community Resilience
  • Data Collection and Data Analytics to Inform Policy
    • Global Fire data standardization
    • Insurance Data – openIDL
    • CRAIG 1300TM
    • National Firefighter Cancer Registry
Day 2: August 25, 2022, 11 a.m.– 3 p.m. US Eastern Time
  • Hazards of New Materials and Systems
    • Fire Safety Challenges of Green Buildings
    • Energy Storage Systems
    • Hazards of Modern Vehicles in Parking Structures
  • Increase Effectiveness and Reliability of Safety Systems
    • Impact of Research on NFPA 13
    • Impact of Research on NFPA 72
    • Effectiveness of fluorine free firefighting foams
  • Fire Fighting Safety & Effectiveness
    • Fire Service Contamination Control & PPE Cleaning Validation
    • Firefighting foams: fire service roadmap
    • Firefighter immersive learning training

Download the full agenda and register for free to attend the live webinar series. CEUs will only be provided to live attendees upon request. For more information about the Fire Protection Research Foundation, visit the website.

For this release and other announcements about NFPA initiatives, research, and resources, please visit the NFPA press room.

The Fire Protection Research Foundation: 40 Years of Advancing Safety

The Fire Protection Research Foundation (FPRF or Foundation) plans, manages, and communicates research on a broad range of fire safety issues in support of the NFPA mission. The Foundation, an affiliate of NFPA, was born out of a growing need for research that better informs the expanding body of NFPA codes and standards in 1982. Today, as it celebrates its 40th Anniversary, the FPRF has a much broader reach, given a wide array of emerging hazards, persistent life safety challenges, and global demand.

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