Frequently asked questions

Do we NEED to have a representative from an agency or organization outside the fire department on our liaison team?

We encourage you to invite a representative from outside of the fire department to serve on your liaison team to support comprehensive Community Risk Reduction efforts. However, we know applicants are at varying points in their CRR journeys. We will reserve spots for teams who have the support of an outside agency as well as those who do not. 

I work for a small, volunteer fire department. Can I apply with a 2-person liaison team?

Yes. If you are struggling to build a 3-person team, we will accept a 2-person team but please consider reaching out to new potential partners from your community to support the project.

Can you tell me about the application?

There are 20 questions on the application. The questions help the project team select participants who will best inform the research questions we are investigating in our pilot. We are looking for a wide range of participants that cut across a variety of categories. There are NO WRONG ANSWERS to the questions. We ask you to share:

  • Contact information for your 3-person liaison team
  • Demographic information related to your department
  • Your department’s experiences related to CRR
  • Your dashboard preferences
Which version of the dashboard is better?

Since both dashboards are awesome, a better question is “Which dashboard is better for my department right now?” We are piloting 2 versions of the dashboard because we learned in phase 1 of the pilot that departments have different needs and abilities when it comes to data. It is our goal to get a useful CRA tool into the hands of those who need it, regardless of current databilities. 

What if my department applies for Dashboard B but we run into trouble with the data requirements?

If your department is selected but cannot meet the data requirements within the provided time frame, you will be shifted to Dashboard A or transitioned out of the pilot project. However, this may prevent us from giving another department a chance to participate so please ensure you can meet the data requirements before you request Dashboard B. 

Once selected as a pilot participant, is access to our CRA dashboard free?

Consider this a trade! If you a selected to participate in the pilot project, we will provide you a customized CRA dashboard with 3 months of free access. In return, your liaison team will use the dashboard regularly, share with other members of your department & community, and provide feedback back to the NFPA project team. 

Will we have access to our dashboard after the 3-month term passes?

We are planning to roll out a line of CRA dashboards that will be available for purchase. The results from this pilot will inform the final product build. We have a plan in place to provide seamless access for pilot participants who wish to continue using their dashboards.