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Events that involve violence

NFPA has been working with international, national, state, and local agencies, to develop information, tools, and strategies to help emergency responders be best prepared for — and to protect their communities from — issues of civil unrest, active shooting incidents, terror events, and other violent situations.

NFPA 1500, Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program, addresses civil unrest/terrorism in Sections 6-7: Fire departments shall develop and maintain written guidelines that establish a standardized approach to the safety of members at incidents that involve violence, unrest or civil disturbances. Such situations shall include but not be limited to riots, fights, violent crimes, drug-related situations, family disturbances, deranged individuals, and people with fire department operations. More about NFPA 1500.


National fire organizations decry Dallas shootings, issue warning to first responders and offer resources in wake of targeted shootings

In light of the July 7, 2016, shootings in Dallas that took the lives of five career police officers, a group of national fire organizations - representing fire service leaders, first responders, and EMS professionals, issued a list of resources that address the issue of civil unrest, active shooting incidents, and body armor basics for first responders.

Countering violent extremism & active shooter portalDHS and FBI Countering Violent Extremism and Active Shooter (CVE-AS) web portals The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is leading an initiative to counter violent extremism and prevent active shooter events. Working with government and civilian partners, the goal is gain a better understanding of behaviors, tactics and other indicators that could point to potential violent or terrorist activity and the best ways to mitigate or prevent that activity. 
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