Note: Visit NFPA's fire statistics section for a comprehensive resource of statistical reports.

Bureau of Justice Statistics
Data on the U.S. murder rate, drug use, crime rates, and reports on such subjects as violence against women, capital punishment, drugs and crime, guns used in crimes, and prison populations.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
This site contains the full range of economic data and analysis produced by BLS. There are statistics and reports on employment and unemployment, Consumer Price Index and living conditions, compensation, productivity, and more.

City and County Data Book
Find the latest official statistics for 1,078 cities, all 3,141 U.S. counties, and 11,097 places of 2,500 or more inhabitants in the latest County and City Data Book

Economic Statistics Briefing Room
Latest U.S. Economic statistics: Output; Income; Employment, Unemployment, and Earnings; Production and Business Activity; Prices; Money, Credit, and Securities Markets; Transportation; and International Statistics.

International Data Base (IDB)
A computerized data bank containing statistical tables of demographic, and socio-economic data for all countries of the world. Combines data from country sources (especially censuses and surveys) with IPC's estimates and projections to provide information dating back as far as 1950 and as far ahead as 2050 (the amount of information available for each country may vary.) Includes data such as: population, vital statistics, migration, fertility, literacy, ethnicity, religion, languages, and labor force. From the U.S. Census Bureau's International Programs Center.

Kids Count
From the annual Kids Count Data Book, these are statistics on the education, economic, social and physical well-being of children in the U.S. It shows a nation of children at risk.

National Center for Health Statistics
Find monthly and cumulative data on births, deaths, marriages, divorces and infant mortality.

Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
This site includes characteristics of the criminal justice system, public attitudes toward crime and criminal justice topics, nature and distribution of known offenses, characteristics and distribution of persons arrested, judicial processing of defendants and persons under correctional supervision. In Adobe Acrobat format.

Trade Data Online
Information on the value of U.S. and Canadian imports and domestic exports for more than 5,000 commodities in more than 500 industries for more than 200 countries.