Effectiveness of Oven and Furnace Explosion Relief Requirements

NFPA 86, Standard for Ovens and Furnaces, has required explosion relief on specific ovens and furnaces for over 90 years. While the guidance has been adjusted over the years, the requirements remain incomplete, founded upon anecdotal information, prescriptive in nature, and out of step with guidance contained in NFPA 68, Standard on Explosion Protection by Deflagration Venting, and NFPA 69, Standard on Explosion Prevention Systems.

In order to adequately adjust the current requirements stipulated in NFPA 86 to properly reflect existing guidance and experienced conditions, the Technical Committee requires additional information on explosions in relation to ovens and furnaces. The necessary information includes the types of ovens and furnaces experiencing explosions, causes of explosion, outcome of explosions, including the control effectiveness, impact on people and property, as well as additional data to substantiate the redirection of explosion relief guidelines within NFPA 86.

Research Goal: The purpose of this project is to review the history of oven and furnace explosion incident and develop an oven and furnace explosion incident database, providing the necessary information and data to the NFPA 86 Technical Committee.

Download the project summary. (PDF, 302 KB)