Implementation and Usage of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) by the International Public Safety Community

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The application of unmanned aircraft system (UAS) for fire services is becoming popular both within the United States and internationally. UAS describes the personnel equipment, and systems used for unmanned aircraft operations, other terms used by the fire service include drones and unmanned aircraft vehicles (UAV). Many fire departments have equipped with UAV (especially in China, worth from several hundred dollars to tens of thousands dollars). Personnel require specialized training and their usage during emergency incidents can present additional hazards. Several questions are yet to be answered about their usage and implementation: How are emergency responders currently implementing UAS in their operations? What will be the obstacles that hinder their usage? What are stakeholder needs for safe implementation and usage of UAS during emergency incidents? Are the existing industrial regulations (where available) applicable for fire service use cases (e.g. emergency incidents)? What regulations are being developed and at what pace? What regulatory restrictions or autonomy either exits or is being applied to the Public Safety Community?

The goal of this project is to establish a baseline understanding of the international efforts related to using and implementing unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) in public safety departments/organizations (fire service, law enforcement and EMS).

Download the project summary. (PDF)