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WUINITY a platform for the simulation of wildland urban interface fire evacuation

Fires in wildland-urban interfaces (WUI) are associated with severe negative consequences, such as large community evacuation, property losses social disruption, short- and long-term damage to infrastructure, injuries, and evacuee and responder fatalities. Wildland fires represent an important safety issue in many regions of the world. The future expansion and increased complexity of wildland urban interfaces (WUI) pose severe challenges to community safety from an evacuation perspective. Therefore, WUI incidents are likely to become more severe and affect more people. 

Research goal: The WUI-NITY project aims at developing an integrated software platform for the simulation of wildland-urban interface (WUI) evacuation scenarios that can be used both before an incident for planning and during an incident to inform decisions. The primary application of this platform is the ability to generate dynamic vulnerability maps from coupled fire, pedestrian and traffic sub-models.

Download the project summary. (PDF)