Published on March 19, 2013

Suppression and Detection Research and Applications A Technical Working
Conference (SUPDET 2007)
March 5-8, 2007
Wyndham Orlando Resort, Orlando, Florida

Keynote address

Findings of the Next Generation Fire Suppression Technology (NGP) (PDF, 147 KB)
Richard Gann, National Institute of Standards and Technology


Corrosion in Sprinkler Systems – Not One but Many Different Problems (PDF 1 MB)
Bo Hjorth, AlbaCon AB

Demonstration Testing: Extinguishment of Kitchen Fires and the Effect of Sprinklers in a Residential Setting (PDF, 229 KB)
Jason Huczek, Southwest Research Institute

Protection of Combustible Liquids Stored in Composite Intermediate Bulk Containers ( IBCs) (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Joseph Scheffey, Hughes Associates, Inc.
Jason Huczek, Southwest Research Institute

Challenges for Use of Fixed Fire Suppression Systems in Road Tunnel Fire Protection (PDF, 54 KB)
Zhigang Liu, A. Kashef, G. Lougheed, A. K. Kim, National Research Council of Canada

Review of NFPA 13 Dry System Water Delivery Provisions (PDF, 47 KB)
Daniel O’Connor, et al, Schirmer Engineering Corporation

Water Mist

Comparison of Fixed Fire Fighting System Effectiveness in Road Tunnels – High-Pressure Mist vs. Standard Sprinkler (PDF, 130 KB)
Bobby Melvin, Parsons Brinckerhoff Quade & Douglass, Inc.

Droplet Breakup Energies and Formation of Ultra-Fine Mist (PDF, 264 KB)
K.C. Adiga, NanoMist Systems LLC; Heather Willauer, Ramagopal Ananth, Frederick Williams, Naval Research Laboratory

Modeling Ultra-fine Mist Transport and its Implications on Fire Suppression Behavior (PDF, 398 KB)
K.C. Adiga, NanoMist Systems. LLC; Ronald Sheinson, Frederick Williams, Scott Ayers, Naval Research Laboratory

Explosion Protection of an Armoured Vehicle Crew Compartment with Water Mist (PDF, 37 KB)
Andrew Kim, George Crampton, National Research Council of Canada

Liquid Fuels

Sealability Properties of Fluorine-Free Fire Fighting Foams (PDF, 98 KB)
Ted Schaefer, Bogdan Dlugogorski, Eric Kennedy, University of Newcastle, Australia

Fuel Slosh as an Enhanced Flammability Concern for Aircraft (PDF, 505 KB)
Peter Disimile, U.S.Air Force; John Pyles, Norman Toy, Engineering & Scientific Innovations

Ignition and Fire Development Caused by Leaking Fuels onto Heated Surfaces (PDF, 376 KB)
Peter Disimile, U.S.Air Force; Norman Toy, Engineering & Scientific Innovations

Gaseous Agents

Investigation of Hold Time Calculation Methodologies for Total Flood Clean Extinguishing Agents (PDF, 779 KB)
William M. Carey Award winning suppression paper
Todd Hetrick, Paul Rivers, 3M Fire Protection

Examination of Emissions Scenarios and Policy Considerations for HFCs in Fire Protection (paper forthcoming – check back soon)
Kurt Werner, Paul Rivers, 3M Fire Protection

Recent Findings in the Development of Solid Propellant Inert Gas Generator Fire Extinguishing Systems for Occupied Space Uses (PDF, 50 KB)
Mike Bennett, Bennettech; Adam Richardson, N2Towers, Inc.

Research Review of Energy Augmented Combustion: Understanding the Phenomena (paper forthcoming – check back soon)
Paul Rivers, 3M Fire Protection

Development of a Standard Procedure for the Evaluation of the Performance of Clean Agents in the Suppression of Class C Fires (PDF, 168 KB)
Mark Robin, DuPont Fluoroproducts

Standardizing the Measurement of Minimum Extinguishing Concentrations of Gaseous Agents (PDF, 131 KB)
Joseph Senecal, Kidde-Fenwal, Inc.

Cup-Burner Extinguishing Concentration Determination Using the Perfectly Stirred Reactor Model (PDF, 105 KB)
Shiling Liu, Marios Soteriou, MeredithColket, United Technologies Research Center; Joseph Senecal, Kidde-Fenwal; Rob Lade, United Technologies Fire and Security

Shipboard Applications

Shipboard Intelligent Fire Suppression Systems (PDF, 475 KB)
James Glockling, Fire Protection Association, Mike Edwards, MESH Fire Safety, Stuart Campbell, Fire Protection Association

Preventing Hydrogen Sulfide Formation in Shipboard AFFF Fire Protection Systems (PDF, 254 KB)
Ronald Sheinson, Bradley Williams, Naval Research Laboratory

Benchmarking Detection System Effectiveness

An Overview of Fire Detection Performance in Reported U.S. Fires (PDF, 156 KB)
Marty Ahrens, NFPA

Consideration of Domestic Smoke Alarms as a System (PDF, 81 KB)
Ian Thomas, Michelle Ball, Theresa Watts-Hampton, Victoria University

Detection Research

Full-Scale Validation Tests of a Forensic Methodology to Determine Smoke Alarm Response (PDF, 374 KB)
Dan Gottuk, Christopher Mealy, Hughes Associates, Inc.

An Analysis of the Performance of Residential Smoke Detection Technologies Utilizing the Concept of Relative Time (PDF, 138 KB)
William M. Carey Award winning detection paper
Elizabeth Milarcik, Stephen Olenick, Richard Roby, Combustion Science and Engineering, Inc.

Validation of a Smoke Detection Performance Prediction Methodology: Status Report (PDF, 38 KB)
Frederick Mowrer, James Milke, University of Maryland 
Pravinray Gandhi, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Analysis of FDS Thermal Detector Response Prediction Capability (PDF, 154 KB)
Morgan Hurley, Society of Fire Protection Engineers
Alex Munguia, Schirmer Engineeering Corp.

Detection Technology

Video-based Smoke Detection: Possibilities, Techniques and Challenges (PDF, 250 KB)
Ziyou Xiong, Rodrigo Caballero, Hongchang Wang, Alan Finn, Muhidin Lelic, Pei-Yuan Peng, United Technologies Research Center

Empirical Validation of Detection Systems Equivalency for Coincidence Suppression Actuation (PDF, 180 KB)
Ming He, John Vythoulkas, Wes Marcks, Vision Fire & Security

Human Behavior

A Framework for Identifying Groups Particularly Vulnerable to Fire and the Effectiveness of Notification Technologies (PDF, 194 KB)
Steven Gwynne, Hughes Associates, Inc.

Smoke Alarm Notification of Sleeping People Progress Report (PDF, 118 KB)
Ian Thomas, Dorothy Bruck, Michelle Ball, Victoria University

Speech Intelligibility and Fire Alarm Systems – Results and Discussion from Commercial Venues (PDF, 272 KB)
John Woycheese, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Functional Challenges of Integrating Mass Notification and Fire Alarm Systems (PDF, 65 KB)
Scott Lacey, Lacey Fire Protection Engineering

Understanding Public Perceptions of High-Rise Emergency Evacuation Procedures (paper forthcoming – check back soon)
Mia Zmud, NuStats


Performance-based Fire Protection for the Miami Intermodal Center (PDF, 62 KB)
Andrew Valente, Arup

Detector Performance Optimization

Fire Tests for Smoke Characterization (PDF, 540 KB)
Soonil Nam, FM Global; Thomas Cleary, NIST

A Scientific Approach to Characterize Smoke From Flaming And Smoldering Fires (PDF, 61 KB)
Paul Patty, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Research Dissemination

Disseminating Research Results in the 21st Century (PDF, 48 KB)
Jack Watts, Fire Safety Institute