Published on March 19, 2013

Suppression and Detection Research and Applications – A Technical Working Conference (SUPDET 2008)
March 11-13, 2008
International Plaza Resort & Spa, Orlando, Florida

Detection Keynote

Awakening of Sleeping People – a Decade of Research (PDF, 173 KB)
Ian Thomas, Dorothy Bruck, Victoria University

Evaluation of Detector Spacing Requirements

Evaluating Smoke Detector Spacing Requirements for Parallel Beamed Hallways and Sloped Ceilings (PDF, 708 KB)
Jason Floyd, Siamak Riahi, Daniel Gottuk, Hughes Associates, Inc.

Experimental Validation of Smoke Detector Spacing Requirements (PDF, 209 KB)
Daniel Gottuk, Christopher Mealy, Jason Floyd, Hughes Associates, Inc.

Evaluation of the NFPA 72 Spacing Requirements for Waffle Ceilings (PDF, 448 KB)
Stephen Olenick, Richard Roby, Douglas Carpenter, Adam Goodman, Combustion Science & Engineering, Inc.

A Further Review of Smoke Flows and Smoke Detector Response for Beam Pockets and Waffle Ceilings (abstract) (PDF, 11 KB)
Daniel O’Connor, Schirmer Engineering Corp.

Development of a Technical Basis for Carbon Monoxide Detector Siting (PDF, 79 KB)
Craig Beyler, Daniel Gottuk, Hughes Associates, Inc.

System Reliability

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance Records: A Window into System Reliability (PDF, 1 MB)
Steve Carter, Orr Protection Systems, Inc.

Measuring Performance of Test and Inspections of Fire and Lifesafety Systems (abstract) (PDF, 10 KB)
Brett Brewster, Building Reports

Special Applications

Findings of the International Road Tunnel Fire Detection Research Project (PDF, 418 KB)
A. Kashef, Z.G. Liu, G. Crampton, G. Lougheed, National Research Council of Canada

Rational Fire Safety Concept for a New Detention Building (PDF, 665 KB)
Jerzy Respondek, Swiss Institute for the Promotion of Safety and Security

Development of a Robotic Local Suppression System for the Marine Environment (PDF, 583 KB)
James Glockling, Stuart Campbell, Mike Smerdon, Fire Protection Association, Mike Edwards, MESH Fire Safety

Computer-Based Prediction of Speech Intelligibility for Mass Notification Systems (abstract) (PDF, 14 KB)
Kenneth D. Jacob and Tom Tyson, Bose Professional Systems

Predicting Detector Actuation

UL 217/268 Task Group on New Flaming and Smoldering Polyurethane Foam Tests (abstract) (PDF, 17 KB)
Thomas Fabian, George Hunter, Pravinray Gandhi, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Response Time Index Testing (RTI) or Methodology for Heat Detection (PDF, 118 KB)
Bob Elliott, FM Approvals

New Technologies

Open Area Light-Scattering Smoke Detection (OLSD) (PDF, 741 KB)
Ron Knox, Xtralis Pty Ltd.

Performance Based Testing of Video Image Detection Devices (PDF, 207 KB)
Bob Elliott, FM Approvals

Sensor Assisted Fire Fighting (PDF, 768 KB)
Adam Cowlard, Wolfram Jahn, Cecilia Abecassis Empis, Guillermo Rein, Jose Torero, The University of Edinburgh

Passive Microwave Fire Detection: A Survey and Assessment (PDF, 80 KB)
David Icove, Carl Lyster, University of Tennessee

Suppression Keynote

Erosion of Safety Factors in Engineered Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems (abstract) (PDF, 12 KB)
Jeff Harrington, Harrington Group, Inc.

Gaseous Agents

The Use of Clean Agent Systems to Protect Leaky Enclosures (PDF, 595 KB)
Eric Forssell, Christopher Hanauska, Scott Hill, Hughes Associates, Inc.

Analysis of Hold Times for Total Flooding Clean Extinguishing Agents (PDF, 239 KB)
Todd Hetrick, Ali Rangwala, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Summary of Ongoing Class C Fire Research for the Purpose of Identifying and Evaluating Class C Fire Risks and Suppression Needs in Modern Data Centers, Internet Service Providers and Telecommunications Facilities (PDF, 92 KB)
Mark Robin, DuPont Fluoroproducts, Bon Shaw, Brad Stilwell, Fike Corporation

Quantitative Analysis of Radical Scavenging Cycles in Methane-Air Premixed Flames Inhibited by CBrF3 (paper to be available shortly)
Caimao Luo, Bogdan Dlugogorski, Eric Kennedy


Performance Criteria of Systems to Reduce Fire Damage by Prevention or Suppression (PDF, 697 KB)
Geir Jensen, COWI AS, Ragnar Wighus, SINTEF NBL


Compression-Air-Foam (CAF) Fire Suppression System for Aircraft Hangar Protection (PDF, 25 KB)
Andew Kim, George Crampton, National Research Council of Canada

Small-Scale Test Protocol for Firefighting Foams Def(Aust) 5706: Effect of Bubble Size Distribution and Expansion Ratio (PDF, 285 KB)
Ashlea Laundess, Mark Rayson, Bogdan Dlugogorski, Eric Kennedy, University of Newcastle

Status Report on an Effort to Evaluate and Develop Methodologies For Calculating Firefighting Agent Quantities Needed to Combat Aircraft Fires (PDF, 65 KB)
Joseph Scheffey, Hughes Associates, Inc., Keith Bagot, FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center

Sprinklers and Water Mist

Benchmark Enclosure Fire Suppression Experiments and Modeling (PDF, 481 KB)
Thomas Blanchat, Alexander Brown, Victor Figueroa, Sandia National Laboratories, Suk Goo Yoon, Korea University

FDS Analysis of the Effect of 4-Way Ceiling Air Diffusers on Quick Response Sprinkler Activation Time (PDF, 188 KB)
David Klepitch, Koffel Associates, Inc.

Integrated ESFR – Mobile High-bay Records Storage Systems Protection (PDF, 185 KB)
John O’Neil, The Protection Engineering Group, PC

Water Mist Fire Protection Systems Reliability Analysis (PDF, 99 KB)
Shuzhen Xu, David Fuller, FM Global

Ultra Fine Water Mist Application in Aircraft Hidden Fires (PDF, 949 KB)
K.C. Adiga, Robert Hatcher, NanoMist Systems, LLC

Aircraft and Military

Status of Research and Testing to Replace Halon Extinguishing Agents in Civil Aviation (PDF, 125 KB)
Douglas Ingerson, Louise Speitel, Constantine Sarkos, FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center

Computational Analysis Of Aircraft Cargo Compartment Pressurization And Extinguishing Agent Hold Time (PDF, 274 KB)
Dan Goldberg, Paul Rivers, 3M Fire Protection

Sustainable Fire Protection For Military Vehicle And Aircraft Applications (PDF, 551 KB)
Jennifer McCormick, Gary Holland, Aerojet, Paul Rivers, 3M Fire Protection

Special Applications

Effect of Water Mist on a Confined Blast (PDF, 583 KB)
Ramagopal Ananth, Harold Ladouceur, Heather Willauer, John Farley, Frederick Williams, Naval Research Laboratory

The Change From Halon in the Auto Racing Industry (PDF, 32 KB)
Howard Hammel, DuPont Fluoroproducts