Published on March 19, 2013

Suppression and Detection Research and Applications A Technical Working
Conference (SUPDET 2009)
February 24-27, 2009
International Plaza Resort & Spa, Orlando, Florida

Suppression Keynote

High Global Warming Potential Gases and Fire Suppression (PDF, 42 KB)
Elizabeth Scheehle, California Air Resources Board

Gaseous Agents

Development and Validation of a Modified Hold Time Model for Total Flooding Fire Suppression (PDF, 284 KB)
Todd Hetrick, Ali Rangwala, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Paul Rivers, 3M Company

Innovative Technical Advances in Detection and Suppression of Fires Inside High-Value Electronic Cabinets (PDF, 48 KB)
Joachim Gensel, Minimax GmbH

The Adequacy of Guidance on Agent Concentrations in Standards for Gaseous Fire Extinguishing Systems (PDF, 201 KB)
Chris Hanauska, Phil DiNenno, Hughes Associates Inc.


High Expansion (HiEx) Aqueous Foam Suppression of a Cupburner Flame (PDF, 92 KB)
Ramagopal Ananth, John Farley, Naval Research Laboratory

Evaluation of High Expansion Foam in a Modified Cup Burner Apparatus (PDF, 374 KB)
James Fleming, Scott Hoch, Daniel Ross, Ronald Sheinson, Naval Research Laboratory

Suppression Performance Comparison for Aspirated, Compressed-Air and Chemically-Generated Class B Foams (PDF, 279 KB)
Ashlea Laundess, Mark Rayson, Bogdan Dlugogorski, Eric Kennedy, University of Newcastle

Evaluation of the Fire Suppression Effectiveness of Manually Applied Compressed-Air Foam (CAF) System (PDF, 21 KB)
Andrew Kim, George Crampton, National Research Council of Canada

Foam Fire Suppression for High Challenge Shipboard Spaces (PDF, 200 KB)
Joseph Scheffey, Hughes Associates, Inc.
John Farley, Frederick Williams, Naval Research Laboratory
Douglas Barylski, Naval Systems Command


Water Conservation and Sustainable Use in Fire Suppression Systems (PDF, 493 KB)
Roger Thomas, Tyco Fire Protection Services

A Comprehensive Methodology for Evaluating Sprinkler Discharge Characteristics (PDF, 487 KB)
N. Ren, C. Do, André Marshal, University of Maryland

A Revisit of Froude-Modeling-Based Physical Scaling of Fire Suppression by Water Sprays (PDF, 177 KB)
Hong-Zeng Yu, FM Global

Sidewall Sprinklers on Residential Balconies (PDF, 41 KB)
Victoria Valentine, National Fire Sprinkler Association

Comparison of Numerical and Experimental Results of Fire Induced Doorway Flows (PDF, 145 KB)
Bin Xiao, Tyco Fire Suppression and Building Products

Development and Experimental Evaluation of a Sprinkler Resistant to Skipping (PDF, 132 KB)
Benjamin Ditch, John de Ris , Hong-Zeng Yu, FM Global

Actual Delivered Density (ADD) Testing of High-Volume Low-Speed (HVLS) Ventilation Fans (PDF, 49 KB)
Garner Palenske, Jonathan Perricone, Schirmer Engineering Corporation
Jason Huczek, Southwest Research Institute

Water Mist and Water Additives

Testing Water Mist Systems Against Large Fires in Tunnels: Integrating Test Data with CFD Simulations (PDF, 71 KB)
Jack Mawhinney, J. Trelles, Hughes Associates, Inc.

Evaluation of Special Extinguishing Water Additives for Fire Fighter Use (PDF, 40 KB)
Martin Pabich, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Evaluation of Liquids for Providing Personal Protection from Exposure to Fires (PDF, 415 KB)
Ronald Sheinson, Bradley Williams, Sarah Dyer, Naval Research Laboratory

Detection Keynote

Appropriate, Acceptable or Adequate - how much is enough? (PDF, 218 KB)
Paula Beever, New Zealand Fire Service

Issues in Detection System Performance

Smoke Detection in Full Scale House Experiments (PDF, 40 KB)
B.C. Taber, J.Z. Su, N. Bénichou, A.C. Bwalya, G.D. Lougheed, G. Proulx, P. Leroux,
National Research Council of Canada

Performance of Combination Photoelectric/Ionization Smoke Alarms in Full Scale Fire Tests (PDF, 198 KB)
Thomas Cleary, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Results From a Full Scale Smoke Alarm Sensitivity Study (PDF, 204 KB)
Thomas Cleary, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Smoke Alarm Response: Estimation Guidelines and Tenability Issues – Part 1 (PDF, 157 KB)
Christopher Mealy, Daniel Gottuk, Hughes Associates, Inc.

Smoke Alarm Response: Estimation Guidelines and Tenability Issues – Part 2 (PDF, 40 KB)
Christopher Mealy, Andrew Wolfe, Daniel Gottuk, Hughes Associates, Inc.

Development of New Flaming and Smoldering Polyurethane Foam Test Protocols for UL 217 Standard on Smoke Alarms (PDF, 15 KB)
Thomas Fabian, George Hunter, Paul Patty, Pravinray Gandhi, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Predicting Detector Response

Guidelines for Estimating Smoke Detector Response (PDF, 55 KB)
James Milke, Frederick Mowrer, University of Maryland
Pravinray Gandhi, Daniel Steppan, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Method of Determining Smoke Detector Performance in High Ceiling Applications (PDF, 177 KB)
William Kuffner, Carleton University

New Technology

New Advances in Multi-Criteria Smoke Detection Better Counter Nuisance Alarms (PDF, 172 KB)
Isaac Papier, Honeywell Life Safety
Jeffrey Klein, Todd Alford, System Sensor

Integrated CFD Models for Air-sampling Smoke Detection (PDF, 312 KB)
Yun Jiang, John Vythoulkas, Scott Wilson, Xtralis Pty. Ltd.

Mass Notification

Department of Homeland Security R & D Programs on Mass Notification (PDF, 187 KB)
Denis Gusty, Department of Homeland Security

Notification and Human Behavior

The Role of Location on the Effectiveness of Smoke Alarms – Project Progress Report (PDF, 81 KB)
Ian Thomas, Dorothy Bruck, Victoria University

Using Human and Technological Resources to Manage People Movement (PDF, 347 KB)
Steven Gwynne, D. Boswell, Hughes Associates, Inc.

Speech Intelligibility and Building Design - History, Application and Recent Innovations
Raj Patel, Kurt Graffy, Alexis Kurtz, Arup

Development of a Speech Intelligibility Test Protocol for NFPA 72 (PDF, 56 KB)
Robert Schifiliti, R.P. Schifiliti Associates, Inc.
Casey Grant, Fire Protection Research Foundation