Published on March 19, 2013
2011 Suppression, Detection and Signaling Research and Applications - a Technical Working Conference (SUPDET 2011)
March 22-25, 2011
Doubletree Resort, Orlando, Florida


Defining the Challenge: Selecting Fire Scenarios for Fire Protection System Design and Evaluation (PDF, 36 KB)
John R. Hall, Jr., National Fire Protection Association


Notification and Human Behavior

Emergency Communications in the Fire Alarm Context (PDF, 26 KB)
Eric Kuligowski (presented by Bryan Hoskins), National Institute of Standards and Technology

Emergency Environmental Stress Induced Diminished Cognitive Capacities: Adapting to Audience Challenges for Successful Emergency Communication and Incident Alerting Notification Applications (PDF, 40 KB)
Robert Chandler, University of Central Florida

Beyond the Risk Assessment: A Practical Approach to Implementing a Mass Notification System at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (PDF, 41 KB)
Todd Haines, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Campus Fire Alarm Monitoring and Mass Notification Systems at University of Washington (PDF, 17 KB)
Mark Murray, University of Washington

The Emergency Notification System and Protocol at Virginia Tech (PDF, 52 KB)
Michael Mulhare, Virginia Tech

Smoke Alarms in Dwellings: Occupant Safety Through Timely Activation and Effective Notification (PDF, 76 KB)
Ian Thomas, Dorothy Bruck, Victoria University (Australia)

Flash Pulse Width Effectiveness in Notification Appliances (PDF, 228 KB)
Kenneth Savage, Tyco Fire Products

The Temporal-3 Fire Alarm Signal: Time to Update the Specifications (PDF, 58 KB)
David Albert, Landgrave Smith, James Lewis, Lifetone Technology


Smoke Alarm Response in a Two-Story Residential Structure (PDF, 14 KB)
Thomas Fabian, Pravinray Gandhi, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

The History of Smoke Detection: A Profile of How the Technology and Role of Smoke Detection has Changed
Jim Milke, University of Maryland

Technologies for Home Fire Alarms (PDF, 115 KB)
(Research sponsored by USFA and CPSC)
Bruce Warmack, Marc Wise – Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Characterization of Cooking Nuisance Sources (PDF, 16 KB)
Thomas Cleary, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Heat Detector RTI – New Developments (PDF, 67 KB)
Daniel Gottuk, Hughes Associates, Inc.


Sprinkler Protection

Antifreeze Solutions in Home Fire Sprinkler Systems (PDF, 27 KB)  Project report
Steve Wolin, Code Consultants Inc.

Analysis of the Performance of Residential Sprinkler Systems with Sloped or Sloped and Beamed Ceiling (PDF, 1.3 MB)
Jason Floyd, Hughes Associates, Inc.

Storage Sprinkler Design Criteria (PDF, 155 KB)
Wes Baker, FM Global

HVLS Fans and Sprinklers (project report)
Garner Palenske, Aon Fire Protection Engineering Corporation

Idle Pallets Protection (PDF, 249 KB)
Daniel Steppan, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.

Fire Testing and Protection Solutions for Heavy-Weight Kraft Roll Paper (PDF, 22 KB)
Kristin Jamison, FM Global

Sprinkler Spray Effects on Combustible Products Leaving a Compartment (PDF, 595 KB)
Zachary Magnone, James Morgan, Patricia Beaulieu, Tyco Fire Suppression and Building Products; Valerie Adams, Steven Southard, Nicholas Dembsey, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Zhiyi Han, Chang Su, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Fire Performance of Protected Floor/Ceiling Assemblies and Impact on Tenability (PDF, 44 KB)
Joseph Su, Noureddine Benichou, Gary Lougheed, Alex Bwalya, Bruce Taber, Patrice Leroux, National Research Council Canada

Complex Spray Pattern Measurements for Fire Sprinkler Modeling (PDF, 319 KB)
Mahmood Tabaddor, David Dubiel, Underwriters Laboratories Inc.; Dan Troolin, TSI Inc.; Paul Hart, Global Asset Protection Services, LLC

Water Mist

A Novel Approach for Simulating Droplet Transport for Watermist Applications (PDF, 96 KB)
Vaidyanathan Sankaran, Marios Soteriou , United Technologies Research Center

Cup-Burner Flame Suppression Modeling for Watermist Using a Perfectly Stirred Reactor (PDF, 256 KB)
Shiling Zhang, Meredith Colket, Marios Soteriou, United Technologies Research Center               

Challenges and Implementation of a Long Horizontal Water Mist Discharge System (PDF, 186 KB)
Thierry Carriere, Jim Butz, Scott Merkley, ADA Technologies, Doug Dierdorf, HoangNam Nguyen, Mike Anderson, Applied Research Associates (ARA) Southwest Division

Clean Agents

Cryogenic Suppression of Liquid Pool Fires and Wooden Crib Fires (PDF, 307 KB)
Yiannis Levendis, Northeastern University;  Michael Delichatsios, University of Ulster

Suppression Mechanism for Solid Propellant Based Gas Generator Fire Suppression System (PDF, 263 KB)
William Sampson, Steven Robbins, ATK Aerospace Systems

Featured Research at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Application of a TDLAS Diagnostic for Studying the Interaction of Fire and Aqueous High Expansion Fire Suppression Foams (PDF, 81 KB)
Eric Fallows, James Fleming, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Liquid Drainage and Flow Behavior of High Expansion (HiEx) Aqueous Fire Suppression Foams (PDF, 932 KB)
Michael Conroy, Justin Taylor, Marcus Fowler, Peter Caldis, John Farley, James Fleming, Ramagopal Ananth - US Naval Research Laboratory

Suppression Mechanisms of High Expansion (HiEx) Aqueous Foams: A Comparison Between Numerical Simulations and Cup-burner Experiments (PDF, 338 KB)
Ramagopal Ananth, Eric Fallows, John Farley, James Fleming, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory

Extinguishment and Burnback Tests of Fluorinated and Fluorine-free Firefighting Foams With and Without Film Formation (PDF, 173 KB)
Bradley Williams, Timothy Murray, Christopher Butterworth, Ronald Sheinson, Clarence Whitehurst, John Farley, James Fleming, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory