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NFPA fire investigations - Explosions/Fireworks

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Explosives, Kansas City, MO, 11/29/88, 6 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Kansas City, MO report (PDF, 1.8 MB)

BLEVE, Albert City, IA, 4/9/98, 2 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Albert City, IA report (PDF, 1.2 MB)
All visitors: Summary in English (PDF, 338 KB) and Spanish (PDF, 18 KB)


Explosion, Jennings, OK, 6/25/85, 21 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Jennings, OK report(PDF, 771 MB)

Firework manufacturing, Jaffrey, NH, 8/14/88.
NFPA members: Download this Jaffrey, NH report(PDF, 249 KB)


World Trade Center Explosion, New York City, NY, 2/23/93.
NFPA members: Download this New York City report (PDF, 7.8 MB)
All visitors: Summary in Spanish (PDF, 13 KB)

Oklahoma City, OK, 4/19/95, 168 fatalities.
NFPA members: Download this Oklahoma City, OK report (PDF, 9.4 MB)
All visitors: Summary in English (PDF, 238 KB) and Spanish (PDF, 7 KB)