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Research + Analysis: A free monthly e-newsletter from NFPA's Research, Data and Analytics Division and the Fire Protection Research Foundation who provide a comprehensive resource for independent research, fire data and analytics, and is a repository of historical fire information.




  • February
    Working Smoke Alarms Lower the Risk of Dying in a Home Fire | New Report: Home Structure Fires | Fire Doesn't Discriminate: New Report on Home Fire Victims by Age and Gender
  • January
    Heating equipment and home fires by the numbers    


  • November
    Cooking fires | U.S. firefighter injuries in 2017 | Large-loss fires and explosions in 2017
  • October
    Fatal electrical injuries of contract workers | Fire loss report | Plastic cars | Data and community risk reduction
  • September
    Fire loss report | U.S. Fire Death By State | Evaluation of station wear worn under a firefighter's bunker gear in a fire and heat environment. 
  • July
    Tracking cancer among firefighters | Building Safety and Security Workshop | Firefighter fatalities report
  • June
    Firefighter fatalities at a new low | Workplace electrical injuries | PTSD in the firehouse 
  • May
    Electrical worker safety | First active shooter/hostile event response program released | Key data, crucial seconds 
  • April
    Vacant building fires; Tall Wood Building project; New smoke alarms; Impact of gap sizes around doors
  • March
    Are your fire department's needs being met?; Fighting contamination with information; Fire Safety Challenges of Tall Wood Buildings report
  • February
    Prioritize fire risk in high-rise buildings with combustible cladding using NFPA's new, free tool; How can we make better decisions in the event of wildfire evacuations? 
  • January 
    Heating equipment is a leading cause of fires in U.S. homes; Destructive wildfire in suburban area a major fire problem; 

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