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Access expert instruction for you or your team on a code, standard, or safety topic relevant to your work. NFPA Code- and Topic-Specific Training offers options in everything from Fire Protection Systems, Electrical, Health Care, and Building and Life Safety to Hot Work, Industrial Hazards, Active Shooter/ Hostile Events, and Alternative Fuel Safety and Emergency Response. “Well put together for skilled professionals as a refresher or newcomers to the NFPA requirements.” - Deborah S.

Highlight your accomplishments online to customers, peers, and employers with digital badges that authenticate your knowledge and abilities. We offer programs on three levels that not only help you acquire knowledge and proficiency but also verify your expertise. “The course was very useful. I think that every person who is part of fire and life safety should experience this.” - Kaymak H.

Show the world you have an advanced understanding of critical competencies with the credentials to back up your performance. NFPA offers online training courses designed to help earn certification, gain recognition in your field of practice, and stand out from the crowd. “NFPA Learning Paths are winners of the 2021 GOLD Brandon Hall Group Human Capital Management Excellence Award for Best Certification Program."

Ensure you are current with the latest safety provisions and fully satisfy local continuing education unit requirements. NFPA offers comprehensive pre-approved curriculum in a convenient, self-paced format that helps simplify the process of maintaining your electrical license in your state.

Aprende conceptos y requisitos fundamentales de protección contra incendios y seguridad humana en tu idioma, a tu propio ritmo y conveniencia. Los cursos en línea de NFPA de alta calidad en español proporcionan una manera económica y efectiva de mantenerte al día en tu industria y avanzar tu carrera.

Introducing NFPA Online Learning

NFPA® online training courses are developed by the experts who help write codes and standards. It’s a cost effective, convenient, and flexible way to earn valuable continuing education units (CEUs). Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Get started today.

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From à-la-carte to all-in-one, we have solutions to fit every training need.

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NFPA is your all-in-one source for continuing education units for renewing your residential electrical license. State-approved online training covers the latest in electrical and workplace safety tailored to your local requirements. Courses are based on the NEC® and NFPA 70E® editions mandated for use in your jurisdiction, offering extensive code change and industry-related instruction. You get the high quality of expert-developed NFPA training with the assurance the credits you earn are recognized by your governing board. Find out if our training has been approved for your state.

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Obtén la capacitación en línea que necesitas en español de una fuente confiable. NFPA ofrece instrucción de alto impacto en protección contra incendios y aspectos esenciales de seguridad humana. Nuestros programas intuitivos en Internet cubren conceptos y estipulaciones críticos para enseñarte como mejorar competencias fundamentales y mantener cumplimiento. Aprende a ayudar a proteger mejor a las personas y la propiedad y aumentar tu experticia profesional con los cursos en línea en español de NFPA.

Encuentra los cursos correctos para ti.

Ver Todos Los Cursos En Español

Serie de cursos en línea Aumenta tus conocimientos de sistemas de rociadores automáticos y como los criterios de NFPA 13 te pueden ayudar a cumplir con los objetivos de seguridad. Los cursos cubren todo desde el diseño y determinación de sistemas apropiados a la comprensión y aplicación de requisitos de instalación.

Serie de cursos en línea Aprende sobre los principios y componentes de sistemas de rociadores usados para proteger ocupaciones de almacenamiento. El programa consiste en observaciones por parte de expertos y ejercicios interactivos que ayudan a mejorar tu entendimiento de las disposiciones aplicables de NFPA 13.

Serie de cursos en línea Obtén guías expertas sobre los procesos del diseño e instalación de bombas estacionarias contra incendios. El programa proporciona instrucción profunda para ayudar a entender y aplicar los requisitos de NFPA 20 con material que aborda los avances y tecnologías más actuales de la industria.

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Este accesible curso en línea analiza a fondo los peligros de trabajos en caliente junto con los procedimientos de seguridad críticos que pueden ayudar a promover seguridad del trabajador y reducir riesgos. Luego de tomar el curso y completar con éxito una evaluación de su aprendizaje, obtiene un Certificado de Seguridad de Trabajos en Caliente.

Curso en línea Este curso de nivel básico ofrece una introducción a los fundamentos para mejorar criterios de protección contra incendios y seguridad humana. Los contenidos, videos didácticos, y ejercicios interactivos desarrollados por NFPA te ayudan a comprender conceptos y procedimientos fundamentales.


NFPA has helped many organizations complement their internal safety training with high-impact, technically correct online learning. Get your training from the expert source with programs customized to your unique requirements. Email us, or call 1 800 344-3555 for assistance identifying economical group online training solutions that help meet your objectives and best benefit your team.

Real Expert Instruction In Real Time with Live Virtual Trainings

Advance your expertise and meet continuing education requirements with innovative NFPA Live Virtual Training via a real-time online video conferencing platform. Multi half-day virtual classes replicate the experience of our full-day classroom training programs. Ideal for professionals seeking to learn while work-from-home restrictions prohibit traveling and in-person classroom training. Set yourself or your team up for success with this efficient way to stay up to date and confirm your achievement to peers, clients, prospects, and employers.

To learn how your team of 10+ can benefit from NFPA Live Virtual Training, call the NFPA sales team toll-free at +1 877 336-3280, or contact us online.

Live Virtual Training

Learn about the inspection, testing, and maintenance (ITM) of water-based fire protection systems to help you remain compliant and—in case of an emergency—make sure the system will be available when needed.

Instructor-Led Training

Advance your expertise with fire alarm and signaling system design, through this live virtual training developed by NFPA. Expert-led instruction covers the changing role of traditional fire alarm systems and how to interpret and apply NFPA 72 correctly and efficiently. Taught by industry authorities, the training is fully updated based on the 2022 edition of NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code.

Instructor-Led Training

This live training will take participants through the design and analysis of a virtual manufacturing and warehousing facility where real-world decisions, standards use, and solutions will be investigated. You’ll be more confident and efficient in your designs, installations, and analysis through interactive instruction that engages participants in the full range of NFPA 13 application.

Instructor-Led Training

The newly enhanced NFPA 70, National Electrical Code (NEC), Essentials Live Virtual Training provides a scenario-based experience. You apply what you learn in an interactive virtual environment based on the electrical system design and reconstruction within an aging building.

Instructor-Led Training

This dynamic, expert-led course uses activities, exercises, videos, job aids, and templates to provide you with the right tools to help set up and follow an electrical safety program, as well as help document safety procedures for compliance with OSHA.

Instructor-Led Training

This high-impact training presents a unique opportunity to practice Life Safety Code application in an interactive online environment based on a scenario in a real-world setting. The 2021 edition provides the most current safety criteria with key revisions that adapt to new technologies, materials, and construction practices.




Certifications are a powerful way to verify to the public your qualifications and competencies. Now for the first time, you can also earn digital badges indicating you have completed NFPA training and passed a knowledge assessment. Badges are available in three levels—Bronze, Silver, and Gold—and can be added to your resume, email signature, and online profile, and shared across social media. Learn more about NFPA programs for helping you stand out from the crowd and achieve your goals.



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