Fire Break newsletter


Fire Break is NFPA's monthly e-newsletter with the latest news and information on mitigating your wildfire risk to take back to your communities, organization. or fire house.



  • February
    New Toolkit Makes Community Wildfire Preparedness Easy | Simple and Quick Actions to Help Protect Homes | Join us at the International Association of Fire Chiefs’ WUI 2019 Conference 
  • January
    Participate in Wildfire Community Preparedness Day this May 4 | New community assessment tool from Firewise USA® |5 steps to helping vulnerable populations prepare for wildfire


  • December
    Virtual field trips illustrate resiliency after the fire | 3 simple steps to a successful Wildfire Community Preparedness Day 
  • November
    California wildfires | Wildfire preparedness on private lands | Dealing with fall yard debris
  • October
    Protecting your home | Wildfire Mitigation Award submission time | Wildfire and insurance
  • September
    Wildfires and insurance | Cellblock to Fireline | National Fire Experience Survey report | Starting the conversation for local change
  • August
    Exterior sprinkler systems | Advances in wildland fire shelter development and testing | 5 ways you can be part of the solution
  • July
    Skylights and embers - tips for staying safe | Is your home covered in case of disaster? | California community is not backing down 
  • June
    Eaves and embers - tips for staying safe | Wildland fire shelter webinar | Preparation helps save a community - twice | 7 tips to protect your home
  • May
    Embers and decks - tips for staying safe | Photos from Wildfire Community Prep Day | Fighting fire with zero water | New Resources in English and Spanish
  • April
    Preparing for wildfires; New Firewise USA resource; Connecting wildfire preparedness programs in New Jersey; New videos from South Africa; Make your voice heard on Wildfire Community Preparedness Day
  • March
    Announcing the first-ever Wildfire Mitigation Specialist certification; Partnering on meteorologists on wildfire risk reduction; Planning for panic and everything in-between
  • February
    From pessimism to prescribed burns in the first year; Make your Wildfire Community Preparedness Day a success; Colorado story highlights the political challenges of wildfire safety regulation
  • January
    Gain funding for your local risk reduction project; New Firewise USA™ sites gain recognition in 2017; has a new look

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