Annual renewal information


Part of being a recognized Firewise USA™ site is reporting the ongoing work residents complete each year to reduce their wildfire risks, while addressing the areas identified in their community’s wildfire assessment. Every year participating sites must submit an annual renewal to maintain their “In Good Standing” status.

There’s just three steps to renew each year using the program’s online portal:

  • Conduct your educational outreach event anytime during the year and report it through the portal’s easy-to-use tracking system.
  • Document the time invested in risk reduction projects. Each year, the site’s Firewise Board/Committee must demonstrate that residents have contributed at least $2 per capita in projects. You can log volunteer hours (worth $24.14 as of May 2017), grants, or the value of in-kind services, contractors, or rental equipment.
  • Tell us about your successes! The Firewise USA™ program management portal provides simple and efficient tools that will assist in submitting the required renewal criteria and management of your Firewise site:
    • Request resident leader changes, or update the number of residents.
    • Add new board members and revise an action plan.
    • The educational outreach and vegetation management tabs provide easy reporting.
    • Time and effort – track hours worked or money spent on risk reduction efforts throughout the year.  The portal allows for multiple entries, tracks activities in specific home ignition zones, along with expenditures for projects and equipment; and it’s all  calculated and stored for renewal purposes and future reference.

Firewise dashboard portal

Need assistance?

Check out our training document and videos. Our customer service team is available Monday – Friday to answer questions, or provide guidance on how-to-use the portal. They can be reached through email, or by phone at +1 720 475-1931, from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm ET (8:00 am - 4:00 pm MT).