Michigan Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Michigan Fire Sprinkler CoalitionThe Michigan Fire Sprinkler Coalition is dedicated to promoting the installation of fire sprinklers in future generations of homes. The Coalition is a resource for information about home fire sprinklers and, through a cooperative effort with stakeholders, works to identify and overcome barriers to the acceptance of sprinklers as a critical component of home fire safety.

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To join the coalition or for more information, contact Michael Evans, 810-299-0025. 




In 2013, it is estimated that nearly 100 Michigan citizens died in non-sprinklered home fires. A key component of the Coalition has been to work to educate the code enforcement community on sprinklers in the Michigan Residential Code. This will help reduce the impact of fire on a community or meet the national standards for safety in homes. We know that Michigan residents deserve the protection in their new homes and should be protected from fire with residential sprinklers. 

Coalition Participates in National Day of Action Promoting Home Fire Sprinklers

Coalition Chairs Mike Evans was interviewed on the "Christal Frost Show" about local efforts tied to North America's first Home Fire Sprinkler Day. Hear the full interview (beginning at the 46:30 mark).

Live Burn Demonstration Attracts the Masses

Michigan live burn demo with crowd

In front of nearly 2,000 people, the Brighton Area Fire Fire Authority hosted an open house on October 11, 2015, that included a live burn/fire sprinkler demonstration. The crowd received an up-close look at the fierceness of today's fires and the ability of home fire sprinklers to rapidly douse the flames. Learn about the many benefits of home fire sprinklers by reviewing these facts.

Local Summit Thrusts Home Fire Sprinklers in the Spotlight

Made possible by a grant provided by the National Fire Protection Association, the Michigan Fire Sprinkler Coalition hosted a summit in December 2015 for more than 50 fire inspectors and code officials on home fire sprinklers. The event addressed sprinkler inspection as well as plan review requirements based on the Michigan Residential Code and requirements in NFPA 13D, Installation of Sprinkler Systems in One- and Two-Family Dwellings and Manufactured Homes. A live burn/sprinkler demonstration during the event also grabbed the attention of attendees.

Coalition members

News reports of sprinkler saves from across the U.S.