Utah Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Utah Fire Sprinkler CoalitionThe Utah Fire Sprinkler Coalition is a voluntary group dedicated to saving lives by promoting and increasing awareness of home fire sprinklers.

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To join the coalition or for more information, contact Jeff Hudson.


Coalition Hosts Local Summit on Home Fire Sprinklers

Fire demonstration at Utah Fire Sprinkler Summit

In 2017, the coalition hosted a summit that educated the insurance and real estate industry on the benefits of home fire sprinklers. The event featured live burn/fire sprinkler demonstration and featured the coalition’s current and former chairs as lead speakers. Following the demo, there was a discussion and lunch that resulted in the request of similar events in the future. 

The summit was made possible by NFPA's Bringing Safety Home Grant, which aims to advance the acceptance and use of home fire sprinklers throughout North America.  

Utah's Home Fire Problem

Fires in the home pose one of the biggest threats to Utah residents. For instance:

  • Utah fire departments responded to an estimated 920 home structure fires in 2012
  • These fires caused $12.2 million in direct damage
For more information on home fires in Utah and the effectiveness of residential sprinklers, download the Utah Fire Sprinkler Coalition fact sheet.

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