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NFPA issues a free, monthly newsletter on its nationwide effort to increase the use of home fire sprinklers through the adoption of sprinkler requirements.

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  • December 2017
    'Tis the season for home fires; architect group demands residential sprinklers following Grenfell Tower fire; who received our top award for fire sprinkler advocacy this year?
  • November 2017
    Binge listen to our five-part podcast series on a family who experienced a devastating home fire; "Good Morning America" prominently features home fire sprinklers; FEMA's emergency housing now includes fire sprinklers
  • October 2017
    Homebuilders might use loophole to circumvent fire sprinkler law; editorial: there's no rational explanation to oppose home fire sprinklers; Angie's List once again advocates for home fire sprinklers
  • September 2017
    Upcoming podcast series underscores lingering effects of American home fires; fire sprinkler advocate takes on sprinkler naysayer; discussion surrounds those permitted to install home fire sprinklers
  • August 2017
    NFPA releases new report on fire sprinkler effectiveness; firefighter cancer and the new home environment; if Smithsonian building worthy of sprinkler protection, why aren't our lives?
  • July 2017
    It's a disservice not to offer home fire sprinklers, says homebuilder; party celebrating new anti-sprinkler law canceled by homebuilding association following residential fire
  • June 2017
    Legislator following London fire: "Stop talking about costs" of fire sprinklers and start requiring them; developer reaps financial benefits after deciding to fire sprinkler his homes
  • May 2017
    Undercover investigation reveals homebuilding industry citing inflated costs for fire sprinklers; Good Morning America segment reinforces need for home fire sprinklers
  • April 2017
    Homebuilding association misinforms public; fire chief offers three-pronged approach to solving North America's home fire problem; editorial: arguments against home fire sprinklers are flimsy
  • March 2017
    NFPA produces 360-degree video of live burn/fire sprinkler demonstration; fire sprinklers could have turned tragedy killing three family members into a "non-event"; new study on fire's impact on upholstered furniture
  • February 2017
    Builder decides to fire sprinkler new homes; fire service fights to save sprinkler requirement, and wins; why notion that "home fire sprinklers should be a matter of consumer choice" doesn't gel with fire safety advocates
  • January 2017
    New NFPA video underscores aftermath of home fire survivors; Bob Vila gives fire sprinklers a glowing endorsement; why do water suppliers have beef with home fire sprinklers?


  • December 2016
    Advocates help secure home fire sprinkler requirement in 2018 edition of building code; how one community sprinklered 99 percent of its homes without an ordinance; new NFPA fact sheet on home fires
  • November 2016
    Outrage over fire death in new homes prompts safety advocates to action; economic loss from fire in unsprinklered homes: $7.6 billion; how America's state fire marshals view home fire sprinklers
  • October 2016
    Following comments from builder that "nobody is dying from fire in new homes," child dies from fire in new home; NFPA's member magazine dedicates entire issue to home fire sprinklers; how to combat $517 million spent by the homebuilding industry
  • September 2016
    Following home fire that killed 10 people, safety advocates urge public to take a stand against fire; pitching home fire sprinklers in under two minutes; firefighters facing more harmful home fires
  • August 2016
    Since the release of landmark "America Burning" report, has the country addressed its home fire problem?; burn survivor finds her voice after horrific encounter with home fire; homebuilder to sprinkler new development
  • July 2016
    How the homebuilding industry is fighting sprinkler requirements in your region; home fire sprinklers--there's an app for that!; fire deaths of five teens leads to key recommendation for home fire sprinklers
  • June 2016
    Advocate takes steps to commemorate 100 killed in historic fire; free webinar underscores fire concerns with today's homes; coroner demands fire sprinklers after witnessing home fire tragedy
  • May 2016
    Teens supporting fire sprinklers join national campaign; recent home fire pinpoints nationwide flaws in traditional fire suppression methods; county with a long-standing sprinkler ordinance sees benefits--and a "near miss"
  • April 2016
    Two homebuilder groups sue following passage of sprinkler ordinance; builder learns the truth about home fire sprinklers; your opinion needed on the fire dangers of lightweight construction
  • March 2016
    New video highlights benefits of fire sprinkler ordinance; Maryland maintains its statewide, sprinkler law; new report cites lack of fire sprinklers in high-profile fire that killed two firefighters
  • February 2016 
    Maryland advocates contest anti-sprinkler legislation in new video; NFPA offers grant funding for sprinkler advocacy efforts; FEMA safeguards its new, temporary housing with sprinklers
  • January 2016 
    Homeowner requests to have new home sprinklered, builder says no; NFPA responds to article filled with sprinkler inaccuracies and misstatements; if you're serious about being green, home fire sprinklers are a must

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