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In the last couple of years, communities have come together and accomplished incredible things with their awards. 

Fair Grove, Missouri Preparedness Day projectWildfire Preparedness Day has been a huge success, with thousands across the country coming together to plan and participate in risk reduction and wildfire preparedness activities with the goal of making their communities safer from brush, grass and forest fires. In 2017, a total of 150 projects were awarded funding out of 420 entries that spanned 42 states and Washington, D.C. 

One of these recipients was the Protection District Fair Grove Fire Service in Fair Grove, Missouri, where firefighters helped reduce neighborhood brush fire risk.

What did you use the funding for?
We used our funding to rent a wood chipper for our community to use on May 6. Our firefighters manned the wood chipper that day. We also purchased a chainsaw and other items to help clean up around homes in our community.

Was it a one-time event, or will it be an ongoing activity?
This was a one-time project to help clean up around homes to reduce the wildfire risk. We hope this will be a yearly event in the future.

Why were you doing the project? What was it about this project that was most important to you?
We decided to create this project to help the people in our community that were unable to clean up around their homes. This was the most important part for us.

Have you had wildfires, or do you know you are at risk?
We do experience wildfires in our area throughout the year. We hope that our efforts in this event will prevent homes from becoming a casualty of the wildfires.

Q&A by NFPA Public Affairs Intern Will Lefkovich.

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