Firewise USA® logo guidelines for government partners

Since 2002, the National Fire Protection Association® (NFPA) has worked closely with the National Association of State Foresters (NASF) and the USDA Forest Service (USDA FS) to launch and expand the national Firewise Communities/USA® Recognition Program (now Firewise USA®).  Over the past 16 years, the program has grown from a handful of pilot locations to more than 1,500 sites in 42 states.

In 2004, the National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) Wildland Urban Interface Working Team, made up of stakeholders including NFPA, NASF, USFS, and the Department of Interior (DOI), saw issues related to the protection of the Firewise® name from misuse either by commercial entities or by those erroneously claiming to be in the Firewise® program.  At that time, a decision was made to have NFPA trademark the term Firewise® and that continued through the variations of the name.

As the Firewise USA® program has matured and grown, NFPA has continuously taken strides to communicate the latest and best practices to our partners and resident participants.  That practice continues with the release of updated guidelines developed to create understanding on when and how to use the words Firewise USA® and the program logos.

The updated guidance is provided as a clarification to an earlier version of this document.

The name change - Firewise USA®:

NFPA introduced a new name for the national recognition program, Firewise USA® in 2017.  The change came from a series of targeted community conversation workshops with stakeholders.  In those sessions, we learned that residents often found the original program name confusing and not descriptive enough about the program and its purpose.  The name change was in response to those findings in an attempt to reduce confusion with other similarly named programs.  The new tagline “Residents Reducing Wildfire Risks,” better defines and communicates the program’s objectives.

The full Community Conversations Workshop report is available on request.

The logos:

In support of spreading the message about wildfire risk reduction throughout the U.S., we encourage residential participation in NFPA’s Firewise USA® Recognition Program and permit use of the Firewise USA® name and logos in connection with state and local activities undertaken to achieve or maintain Firewise USA® status.  Our partner organizations are NFPA’s strongest advocates in promoting and encouraging local participation in the program.  We support efforts that encourage residents to pursue Firewise USA® program recognition.

NFPA’s Firewise USA® program logos include the Firewise USA® logo itself, a version of the flame/leaf/house image that has been used for many years and the new tagline.  The logos are available in a stacked (vertical) format or a banner (horizontal) format.

Using the new logos:

The Firewise USA® logos and the program name can be used for non-commercial purposes including:

  • Encouraging participation in Firewise USA® educational outreach activities;
  • Highlighting and recognizing community efforts to become or to remain a recognized Firewise USA® site; and
  • Posting on the web, creating banners, newsletters, posters and/or flyers, printing on t-shirts, water bottles, or stickers in connection with all of the above activities.
  • Materials and giveaways should be developed using these guidelines and should not be used in connection with the promotion or selling of a product or service.
  • When the Firewise USA® name or logo is placed on your website, it must have a direct link to the URL.

NFPA has provided each state liaison with the resources they need to be able to use the Firewise USA® name and logo.  If you have questions contact Michele Steinberg at

The following describes how local, state and federal government partners/stakeholders can use the Firewise USA® logo:

  1. Use with Permission: The name Firewise USA® and the Firewise USA® logos are registered trademarks of the NFPA, which means you need permission to use them.The Terms of Use can be viewed online at
  2. The Firewise USA® name and logos must be used in the formats provided by NFPA.
    The name and logos need to be used as provided.Rearranging design elements, stretching or distorting the logo, changing the spacing or alignment and using only parts of the word or design elements are not allowed.The size may be increased or decreased proportionately as needed.
  3. Use only the specific color palette as provided by NFPA.
    The Firewise USA® logos must be used as provided to you by NFPA and this includes using precise colors.The NFPA® flame in square house mark is PMS Black and PMS 199 (Red) and the dual-colored house with leaf overlay is PMS 151C (Orange) and PMS 391C (Green).No color variation is permitted.
  4. Remember to add the registered trademark symbol (®) after the words Firewise USA®.
    The ® symbol is an important part of the Firewise USA® name and logos and must be included every time the words or logos appear, regardless of the format.

To strengthen and support the meaning and value of the Firewise USA® recognition program please recognize the following:

  • Firewise USA® should not be used to describe general wildfire risk reduction efforts, concepts or things. 
    The name Firewise USA® refers to the formal Firewise USA® recognition program and should only be used to describe program activities undertaken to achieve or maintain recognition under the Firewise USA® program.General wildfire risk reduction efforts should not be described as Firewise USA® activities, nor should the words Firewise USA® be used to describe general wildfire risk reduction concepts or tools.
  • The Firewise USA® name and logos should be used for non-commercial purposes only.
    Do not use the Firewise USA® name and logos to sell products or services as that constitutes a commercial use and is not permitted.
  • The Firewise USA® name and logos should not appear on fire apparatus or equipment.
    If you have printed banners, stickers or magnets using the Firewise USA® name or logos, you are not permitted to affix these to fire apparatus or other fire equipment.
  • The words “certified”, or “certification”, “approved” or “compliant” should not be used in association with the Firewise USA® name or logos.
    Nor should the name or logos be used in a way that would imply NFPA has “certified”, “approved” or deemed “compliant” any specific activities or their results.
Websites and materials

When program partners update or change websites or materials, we request that you update your use of the Firewise USA® name and logos in accordance with these guidelines:

Please note: The word Firewise® is a separate, registered trademark of NFPA and if used on materials not provided by NFPA, or a website, it should be used with the following attribution and disclaimer statement:

  • Attribution statement:Firewise® is a registered trademark of the National Fire Protection Association, Inc. (NFPA). More information from NFPA is available at
  • Disclaimer statement:<Name of Organization> is solely responsible for the development and content of these materials.

NASF and its member state forestry agencies are NFPA’s strongest partners in promoting and supporting the Firewise USA® Recognition Program across the nation.  By following the guidelines in this document, you are helping to ensure the program will continue to impact residents and reduce wildfire risks to homes and neighborhoods.

Your assistance in protecting the Firewise USA® name and its value in wildfire risk reduction is important.