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Wildfire Community Preparedness Day

2020 Wildfire Community Preparedness Day banner - Save the date

Over 58,000 wildfires in 2018 in the United States alone have caused 8.8 million acres to be burned.Four of the most destructive and deadly fires, the Camp, Carr, Hill and Woosley Fires together caused at least 96 fatalities and over 12.5 billion dollars of property loss. 

Participation in Prep Day can help raise local awareness of risks and encourage action to help us all take an active role creating safer communities.

NOTE: If you are applying for an award for a project in the US and US territories, the application period opens in January 2020 on this page (stay tuned for more information). For funding awards in Canada, the application period will open in November through Firesmart.



Motivate neighbors and community members to work together to make where they live a safer place from wildfire.

Create a plan today!

Did you know there is often not enough resources to have firefighters there to protect every home threatened by wildfire.  You can make a difference in the survival of your home and neighborhood. Start to talk with your family, neighbors and agency partners to create your own unique project. See a list of possible projects. 

Share your success and continue your efforts

We have the tools to get you and your community off and running with your own project for Wildfire Community Preparedness Day:

One of the criteria for becoming a Firewise USA® recognized site requires participating in an annual wildfire risk reduction project. Wildfire Community Preparedness Day is a great time to start. Contact your state liaison to begin a community wildfire risk assessment(PDF) to identify and guide your priorities and activities for Prep Day and throughout the year.

Thanks to everyone who participated in 2019!

We hope that you continue your journey towards wildfire preparedness. We want to hear what you accomplished at #WildfirePrepDay or on Facebook

Sponsored by State Farm

Congratulations to the 2019 award winners. Funding awards were made possible with generous donations from State Farm. Award funding is used for wildfire safety projects. See the list of winners.

Do you have questions or comments? Contact us.


A worthwhile effort

"We had a very busy May 6 fire fuel reduction project. Approx. 6 tons of dry trees, grasses, shrubs, etc were removed and mulched to be used along the borders to further reduce our fire risks. We are very grateful for the funding that allowed us to make our community a more fire resistant and safer place to live."
Diane "Maka'ala" Kanealii, Executive Director, Kailapa Community Association

“I appreciate your giving us the opportunity to participate in the Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. It has been a wonderful chance to work with organizations we don't typically think of when smoke is in the air.”
Darron Williams, Bureau of Indian Affairs