Corvallis, OR Preparedness Day project
Corvallis, Oregon

The Skyline West neighborhood in the city of Corvallis, Oregon held a neighborhood cleanup day.  Designated a Firewise Community in 2016, the committee has been working hard to inform community residents about the wildfire risk.  The community worked side-by-side with their local Boy Scout troop to help clean up homes and lots. Some of the project work included cleaning roofs and gutters of debris and raking and removing vegetative debris in a 5-foot area around the home.  They also trimmed trees around homes and removed broken branches. A 30-yard debris dumpster and a trailer was rented with the $500 grant, and the dumpster was filled in a matter of hours. The community also had a Firewise table at the entrance of the neighborhood.

La Pine, Oregon

Students from La Pine Middle School have been participating in a new fire ecology curriculum which lasts 4 weeks. This fire ecology curriculum had been created with support from fire specialists at the Deschutes National Forest in Bend, Oregon. Wildfire Community Preparedness Day fell in the middle of the student’s studies which allowed them to have a hands-on experience on what they had learned in the classroom. Their project focused on keeping the lodge pole pine forest, which surrounds their campus, maintained safely. Students and their families also removed on the ground fuel. The $500 grant went towards 26 sets of hardhats, gloves, and safety googles to stay at La Pine Middle School for future work.

Colorado City, Colorado Preparedenss Day projectColorado City, Colorado

A Wildfire Community Preparedness Day event in the Colorado city area was successful because it enlisted the collaborative efforts of the towns of; Rye, San Isabel, Beulah and Westcliff. The community focused on following safety best practices to complete their project. They removed 66 truck and trailer loads of slash from home sites. The piles created by this wildfire preparedness project will be burned by the U.S. Forest Service. AmeriCorps volunteers worked with MAWPP to assist homeowners who were unable to mitigate their homes themselves. Funds provided to the community by State Farm were used to provide logistical support (food for the fire crews, fuel and oil for chainsaws).

Apache, Oklahoma

The Fort Still Apache Tribe in Apache, Oklahoma utilized educational facilities available in their community for their Wildfire Community Preparedness Day event for children. Their fire department worked with the community to provide interactive educational activities that would educate children in a fun and meaningful way about the dangers of wildfire and how to be better prepared. Gift bags with take home materials were purchased, and the children were able to play games that helped them understand how to be better prepared.

Limington, Maine

Limington was one of three Maine communities that received State Farm awards supporting Wildfire Community Preparedness Day (WCPD), a first for the state. The approach with the grant was to look beyond our Lake Association and get more people involved. The goals identified were: Build a stronger relationship with the local fire department; Develop a relationship with the municipal roads crew; Identify the most hazardous roads around the lake in terms of wildfire, remove the threat, and improve access. Read more.