Wildfire Risk Reduction Community Service Projects

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Wildfires aren’t predictable; they have the potential to grow rapidly and can quickly exceed firefighters' ability to control them – they impact everyone and everything. When that happens, people living close to the area of the fire may need to evacuate quickly, often with little time to leave safely.

As a teen, YOU can play a key role in helping your family, neighbors and firefighters when a wildfire occurs
If you’re a middle or high school student living in a high-risk wildfire area, there’s a lot you can do to help protect the people, animals and items that are important to you. 

Teens across the country are already doing great things in their neighborhoods to reduce a wildfire’s massive power, and you can too! Remember you can, and you will, make a difference in your community. Check out the more than two dozen project ideas (PDF, 12 MB) that can get you started. After you’ve picked a project, make sure you and everyone helping knows these safety tips (PDF, 22 KB).

Community service projects directly benefit the people, wildlife and neighborhoods where you live. Take part in projects to fulfill these requirements and make important contributions in your area to reduce wildfire risks or post-fire impacts like flooding and mudslides. You can also view this video in Spanish.

Questions? Contact NFPA's Wildfire Division.